April 22, 2014

Brenna Bang's Immortal Longings

By Liz Everly

Ddracula-dracula-nbc-35379370-4800-2700If you’ve been following Lady Smut, you might remember my love-hate relationship with vampires. (You can read my past posts here and here.) In my heart, I adore them. But I think they’ve been overdone the past few years and so I’ve tried to stay away from writing a vampire story. But I gave in and wrote one for Lady Smut’s upcoming anthology: Lady Smut’s Book of Dark Desires, to be published by Harper Impulse.

It was a story that beckoned—you know the kind that gnaws at you until you let it come to life. It’s a slightly tongue and cheek take on the vampire-romance genre—the female lead is a famous author who has penned a highly success vampire series. In “Brenna Bang’s Immortal Longings” we get a glimpse into the writer’s life, as she types up her next erotic romance at the computer keyboard. I know the thoughts that may go through an ER romance writer’s head as she’s writing—this was not too far of a stretch.

As far as the vampire part of the story, well, I’ve given vampires a great deal of thought—maybe more than the average person. It’s hard to say. But I don’t think the vampire of today would have the luxury of being a recluse in a mansion somewhere. We live in a high-tech information culture. I think today’s vamps would be highly tech savvy and know how to use technology with their special powers. And so that is what my Xander does. Instead of shape shifting into a bat, for example, or disappearing into thin air, he uses cable modems and wireless technology to travel. Yes. Right through the computer screen—or the iPhone.

In fact he comes into Brenna’s hotel room through her phone. After a bit of trying to convince Brenna was he is, she still doesn’tbelieve it. But this is where the conversation leads:


His grin widened. “You have everything wrong about us vampires, Brenna.”

Suddenly, he was behind me on the bed, breathing on my neck. I twisted around to see his face.

“Everything but one thing,” he said and kissed my neck. The tingle traveled from my nape to the center of me. Suddenly I was wet and longing for him. I shivered. “The one thing you have right is that we know how to fuck.”

I almost laughed. “Everybody knows how to fuck…”

“Do they?” He said between nibbles and kisses at my collarbone. “But we vamps have a special skill…we are able to see into your deep dark lusty places and meet them, mold ourselves to meet your desires.”

His hands went around my waist and he pulled me underneath him. It happened so fast that I was undone. But I knew what I wanted. A surge of desire swelled in me.

“Give in to it, “ he whispered. “Your passion is a gift.”


Imagine a lover who could mold themselves to meet your darkest desires—maybe even ones that you hadn’t acknowledged to yourself. Xander is rally reaching out Brenna because he thinks she might be able to help a lost soul who thinks he’s a vampire—and this is bad for real vampires. He’s making them look bad and creating too much attention. In the mean time, of course, the sexual tension between Brenna and Xander sizzles. What happens? You’ll have to read the story to find out. The book, which is full of dark and sexy stories by other Lady Smut bloggers, is scheduled for release in August. We’ll definitely let you know more as the details unfold. So, if you’re not yet subscribed and don’t want to miss out on any of our news, please subscribe today.


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  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    Brenna Bang — what a name! And I am intrigued at your take on vamp locomotion in the millennial age. You could potentially start a new thing here Liz.

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  • Post authorLiz Everly

    Hey thanks. I’m always for starting a new thing! Grin.

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