May 14, 2014

The Taboo Of Lady Parts: Hair Down There

Exotic brunette sexy lingerieBy Elizabeth Shore

So I’m thumbing through the latest issue of InStyle magazine the other day when I spot an interview with Cameron Diaz who’s talking about – of all things –  pubic hair. Egad! I gotta admit, however, that she’s pretty passionate on the topic, stating that it’s a conversation we gals should have. “It’s the taboo of lady parts!” she exclaims, backing up her statement with what she’s written in her health/wellness bestseller, The Body Book. She writes, “I think permanent hair removal sounds like a crazy idea . . .  Twenty years from now you will still want to be presenting it to someone special, and it would be nice to let him or her unwrap it like the gift that it is.”

Frankly, I’m not sure guys (or whoever happens to be heading south on you) think of “unwrapping” that lady-est of lady part when it comes to dealing with a hairy hoo-hoo, but I get Diaz’s point. You don’t necessarily want to be smooth as an egg forever. Fads change and today’s Kojak bald could be tomorrow’s fluffy muff. But it just seems like lately there are so many celebrities talking about the hair down there. From Gwyneth Paltrow’s declaration that she “rocks a ’70s bush” to Lady Gaga demanding a mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair accompany her on tour, there’s an awful lot of carpet matching the drapes talk goin’ on. What gives?

“Frankly,” a friend told me recently, “I really don’t think guys think much about it. We care a lot more than they do.” She has a point. We’re coming up with all kinds of creative ways to groom the garden. As far as we gals are concerned, the simple landing strip just isn’t going to fly. Women today are paring the pubes in all kinds of shapes and designs, from little squares (the “postage stamp”) to hearts, flowers, and more. I even came across a website, pubicstyle.com, where readers send in vajayay selfies with the style they’re currently sporting. Yet for whatever it’s worth, a recent poll asking men for their favorite lady bit styles had 33% of men favoring the natural look, with a classic Bermuda triangle coming in second. Hearts and squares and flowers? Meh.

OK, so you decide you’re going to stop with the painful Brazilian and keep some grass on the lawn. But what if said grass is starting to, you know, age a bit? If you’re earning the moniker of the “silver fox” and it’s not because of the hair atop your head, what’s a pube-lovin’ girl to do? Elementary, my dear. You dye it.

There are plenty of resources for dyeing pubic hair, but the one that keeps coming up over and over is a company called Betty, whose tagline is “color for the hair down there.” Betty offers an assortment of the usual natural colors, brown, black, blonde, but you can also have fun and go for a specialty color like green, pink, or blue. Said to be safe for the sensitive area, Betty can be used frequently and the manufacturer recommends dyeing one’s pubes every 3-4 weeks.

Cultural preferences play a role as well. While critics of the hairless hoo-hoo cite porn as the driving factor behind it, that doesn’t universally apply. For example, there’s no shortage of pussies with pubes among Japanese porn actresses.

So, armed with this information, how’s a romance writer to respond? If women apparently care about the hair below as much as the effort spent down there seems to indicate, should we writers incorporate that into the romance? I’ve read scenes where “springy dark curls” or something like that get an occasional mention, but for the most part our lady gardens seem to be haira non grata. With the hairless coochie apparently being kicked to the curb, should bushy mounds be getting their due? Do readers want to read about it?

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  • Post authorKel

    Ah, the endless personal grooming debate. Selfies are just… weird. I mean, selfies of your face are weird enough, but parts of your body that you woludn’t display to strangers on the street (hopefully?) no way in hell. If you wouldn’t display it in public, don’t… display it in public.

    As far as shapes goes… that’s just too much effort. Sure, grooming for neatness and cleanliness. Anything beyond is personal preference. And I think that covers what readers want to read about, too. My personal preference is “What makes sense for this character?”

    If the character is a fussy person who cares about personal appearance and doesn’t emerge from their home without perfect makeup and matching bra and panties, has their nails done all the time, and always is dressed correctly, then yes… her grooming is potentially important. If she’s not… then, she’s probably not sporting the latest fashion shape. If she’s kinky, she’s probably into either completely bare or whatever her kink calls for. If she dyes her hair, she might dye to match, and so on.

    If the details aren’t important, don’t bother to include them. As a reader, I don’t generally need to know what shape someone’s nipples are… similar for pubic hair grooming.

    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      I think you’ve really hit the point, Kel. Why insert a detail that’s not needed. I personally don’t think it enhances the story in any way to spell out for the reader how the heroine trims down there (or doesn’t trim, if that’s the case). Let the reader visualize for herself.

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    I am passionately opposed to the lack of pubic hair going on in this country. It serves a purpose, it helps to protect the delicate vagina region. When you wax you can end up with micro-abrasions that can lead to infection. Why do you want to have a lot of chemicals or razors down there all the time?

    Also I have issues with looking like a little girl down there. As Chris Messina’s character Dan said on The Mindy Project “You’re a woman. Don’t be afraid to look like one.”

    Landing strips and postage stamps are not for looks. They were created out of the need for women wearing skimpy clothes…strippers and such. So sorry if I offend anyone out there, but I think they’re not aesthetically pleasing in general. I mean, it depends on the person. Just like all guys don’t look good in a goatee, and extremely few look good with a hitler mustache, which is basically what we’re talking about with the postage stamp.

    “As long as I don’t need a machete to get through the jungle I’m good,” I’ve heard one guy say. The classic Bermuda triangle is fabulous for those who in the words of Dermot Mulroney in the movie Lovely & Amazing “Need a trim. And then a trim for the trim.”

    Reply to Madeline Iva
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      The full Brazilian reminds those who see it of how we looked as pre-pubescent little girls – and there’s just something really creepy about that.

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorC. Margery Kempe

    I haven’t shaved anything in decades and have had never a complaint from any gent. Any who might have had the audacity to complain would have been swiftly booted. But “we” only care (if we do) because we have the leisure and the neurosis to be influenced by advertising which sells us thousands of useless things every day.

    Reply to C. Margery Kempe
  • Post authorBarbara Mikula

    In my books I generally gloss over that little fact and let the reader visualize what they like best. Sometimes I will say “well trimmed”–which is not over the top and realistic. I personally also thing completely naked “down there” is a little creepy and too much like a little girl. But to each his own, so I keep it vague. – Skye Michaels

    Reply to Barbara Mikula
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      I’m with you, Barbara. Let the reader visualize.

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorNormandie Alleman (@NormandieA)

    OMG! This is a great topic. Personally I don’t want to hear about a character’s pubes. I don’t mind if an author says the character shaved or got a wax, but please leave out the descriptions of her bushy curls.

    And who knew people dyed their hair down there? They have more time on their hands than I do!

    Reply to Normandie Alleman (@NormandieA)
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      I’m completely with you, Normandie. There are some things that just don’t require a detailed description. Pubes is definitely one of them. I think toes are another.

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore

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