June 5, 2014

From Reformed Club Girl to Mistress of Paranormal Romance: Q&A with Elisabeth Staab

by Madeline Iva

Hunter by Night
Elisabeth’s latest book–book # 3–in her Chronicle of Yavn Series.

Hello kittens! Today we get to roll around in the world of paranormal smutty fun with Elisabeth Staab. She has written some contemporary romance, but I primarily wanted to talk to her about her paranormal series the CHRONICLE OF YAVN.  The third book in the series HUNTER BY NIGHT released on Tuesday…

MADELINE IVA: Elisabeth, tell us the nitty gritty about what you write….

ELISABETH STAAB: Hi, and thanks so much for having me on Lady Smut today! I write adult contemporary romance, and everyone’s old-school fave, vampires! My upcoming June 3rd release, HUNTER BY NIGHT, is about an anti-human vampire who falls for a human woman. I’ve been following them throughout my CHRONICLES OF YAVN trilogy so I’m excited for them to finally have their HEA!

MADELINE IVA: Anti-human, eh? I don’t know why the humanity-haters are always the best vampires…Meanwhile, your bio says you once ate dinner in jail. Okay, I gotta ask, what’s the story there?

ELISABETH STAAB: I took a “citizens police academy” course to learn more about local law enforcement. One of the weeks of the course involved touring an adult detention center and eating dinner there. It was prepared by the inmates, and quite tasty. It wasn’t vegetarian, which is my preference, but you don’t get to be picky in jail.

Elisabeth StaabMADELINE IVA: Hear that vegetarians? Do crime and you may have to gag down mystery meat for years.  Now that we’ve scared straight the carrot nibblers out there — how did such an innocent looking gal like you come to write such hot stuff?

ELISABETH STAAB: Ha! I hear that I look like a school librarian a lot. Maybe it’s the glasses, or the fact that I’m “vertically challenged.” Still, I think sensuality is a beautiful thing, and I like to celebrate and express that beauty.

The books I read when I started reading romance were pretty salty and explicit, so I went right along in that same vein. The first time I typed the word “cock” when I was writing KING OF DARKNESS, I hesitated, and then I was all “Wait a minute, I say it out loud all the time!”

I’ve read sweet romance that was engaging too, but I think feeling comfortable with one’s sexuality is so empowering, especially for women, and the erotic romances I read and fell in love with helped me in that way, so I like to write romance with heat (so long as the heat moves the plot along) because it’s sexy, and sex can—should—be a beautiful, empowering thing in my opinion.

This is the FIRST book in Elisabeth's Chronicle of Yavn Series.
This is the FIRST book in Elisabeth’s Chronicle of Yavn Series.

MADELINE IVA: YES! Oh, and I saw on your website that you were reviewed by a blog called Dahrk Portal. Do they tahlk like theese Dahlink? (anyone remember Ava Gabor?) Or ihs iht ahn homahge to J.R.Ward? Or is it a typo in your blog post? (Please let it be an homage to J.R. Ward, phlease, phlease.)

ELISABETH STAAB: I’m pretty sure it was an homage to J.R. Ward, but either would be really cool. I did a character interview with Thad and Isabel, the hero and heroine from KING OF DARKNESS. Jillian, one of the bloggers from Dahrk Portal, re-posted the interview at Read-Love-Blog.

MADELINE IVA: I love wizards! Your PRINCE OF POWER book has a wizard in it…and a heroine named Tyra.  Was the name inspired by Tyra Banks?

ELISABETH STAAB: You know, I’ve had characters who were tricky to name and characters who sort of named themselves, and Tyra was one of those, so I guess you’d have to ask her. But I think she was named by her mother, who abandoned her as a baby.

MADELINE IVA:I know this may be a complicated question buuuuut: Why does the wizard want to/have to kill Tyra? What kind of wizards are your wizards and are there any particular rules to obey when it comes to writing about wizards and vampires together?

ELISABETH STAAB: As for the wizards, mine are evil. Soulless, vile, and parasitic. They feed off of the vampires, and steal their supernatural powers by means of blood sacrifice. So in the world of the CHRONICLES OF YAVN, the wizards and the vampire do not mix except, typically, in battle. Only there was one wizard—Anton—who wasn’t entirely soulless as it turned out, and he was supposed to kill a vampire but fell in love with Tyra instead. The war between the two species did in fact make things very tricky in writing PRINCE OF POWER.

This is the second book
This is the second book

MADELINE IVA: Am I right in thinking you have two heroines who’d like to party and prowl the nightlife vs. being more brooding and vampire-y at home? Is this you, the mommy of toddlers, having an alternative life in your books?

ELISABETH STAAB: Haha. I suppose so. I love music, and I was a club girl and a progressive house DJ back in the day. It’s fun to revisit that through my characters. Lord knows I’m too tired for clubbing these days… *sigh*

MADELINE IVA: I too have written a contemporary romance but have turned since then to paranormal…do you see yourself writing both in the future—or just one genre?

ELISABETH STAAB: To a large degree, I write what I feel pulled to write. Not that almost everything isn’t more fun with a werewolf thrown in, but sometimes the story does make sense without all the howling at the moon.

MADELINE IVA: How does your vampire world work? One vampire is weak-ish  when compared to the others—why?  One hero has been drinking vampire blood but then suddenly he’s having some kind of a bad reaction…Why?

ELISABETH STAAB: Hmm. How to answer this one without giving too much away? Lee, the hero of Hunter by Night, is actually one of the strongest and most powerful of his kind. He revels in the superiority of vampires, drinks only vampire blood, and the one thing he has to his lonely, alpha-male name is his ability to protect others. The more vampire blood he drinks, the more powerful he becomes…Until that doesn’t work anymore.

Sounds like something I’d enjoy reading—Okay readers, click on any of the book covers to buy Elisabeth’s books, or check them all out at Amazon HERE.  You can also connect with her on the world wide web by following the links below. Elisabeth writes about a Prince of Power, but we’re the Sultans of Smut–please follow our blog. 🙂 

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