June 7, 2014

Advice About Writing Y.A. from Editors

368Hi Readers — there was an awesome discussion with some editors about Y.A. at #ScriptDoctor this morning with Anna Baggaley of Mira UK and Emily Thomas from HotKey.  Here are some highlights —

Early on I asked this question:

Madeline Iva: Is paranormal getting old for editors?

‪Anna Baggaley No, though the term is. A good story is a good story. A fresh angle on paranormal will be seductive.

A lot of people asked variations of my question. She also added later on:

Anna Baggaley paranormal and dystopia are quite done so something diff would be exciting to see.

And further on she said:

Anna Baggaley I’d love to see more UK voice in YA and strong contemporaries

Emily Thomas Your reader needs to fall in love with your character and root for them. Make them loveable.

Someone asked: What’s the new theme for YA at the moment?

Anna Baggaley I’m really loving and looking for issue-driven contemporaries and YA with a thriller edge.

Someone asked: Does the gender of the YA protagonist make a huge difference to the type of audience the book will attract?

Anna BaggaleyFab questions! It can make a difference and boy heroes can perform better at middle grade (9-12) than YA.

She also added:

Anna Baggaleythat being said ‪@MIRAInk we’re looking for books that appeal to both genders and can cross that divide!

Someone asked: What is the worst mistake a writer can make in a YA? What are taboo subjects?

Some guy popped into the discussion and said: Parents having sex!! 🙂

Anna BaggaleyFor me, its writing from a parent/adult POV

Emily Thomas Don’t be afraid of a sad ending. Romance and tragedy make a powerful potion. But offer a glimmer of hope.

Thoughts on the YA love triangle – getting a bit old?

Emily Thomas Not at all! It’s an enduring theme. Realistic and compelling.

Someone asked: Are there any YA books you think aspiring YA authors should make sure they read before attempting to write their own?

Anna BaggaleyOoo so so many! In today’s market def worth reading John Green’s books but if you DM me and email address can send a list

Emily Thomas Also read Gladiatrix by Frances Hendry. Superb.

Anna Baggaley 1st drafts are about getting words on the page. 2nd drafts are for making your story work!

Someone asked: How do you feel about sex and swearing in YA books? Does it add to believability or is it a turn off?

Anna BaggaleyFor me, its really character-driven. For some characters it can work i.e. the school bad boy.

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