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June 7, 2014

How to Rock Goodreads: Advice from Ami Greko

Amiby Madeline Iva

I have been interested in Goodreads since hearing Alma Katzu mention it at Virginia Festival of the Book last March. Katzu is not only a successful author, she was also a member of a government think tank on social media and really knows her stuff.

During our Publishing Alchemy panel she said that 1 in 7 people on the entire planet are using Facebook.  It’s incredibly hard to be seen/noticed in all that noise if you’re a romance author.  Twitter, meanwhile, is getting to be just as bad.  What’s an author to do?

Goodreads is a social media space packed with your audience and not so much noise.  At the Romance Festival today, Ami Greko, a book marketing strategist  from Goodreads gave authors some great words of advice about finding a home with Goodreads and how to strategize using Goodreads as a valuable marketing tool.  I’ve sifted out her words of wisdom from her #Romance14 twitter chat and present it here to you.

3 Tips from Ami Greko, @ami_with_an_i

#1: Readers want to know what books inspired you, what do you read on vacation, etc. Add the books you <3 to your shelf.

#2 Our giveaways tool lets you share your book in a non-sales-y way. Do a giveaway 3-4 mo before pub to generate reviews.

#3 Use GR to curate a group of fans excited about your books. Cover reveals, 1st chapter reveals, etc are big with us.

So once you’re sharing your love of books on Goodreads and you’re doing giveaways, cover reveals, etc. then what?

1 thing I wish all authors would do: add link to GR on their author website. So easy to do & encourages reviews.

Great example of an author who used GR well: ‪@SarahAddisonAll with her new book Lost Lake.

used GR to cover reveal & keep fans updated. See reveal here: ‪https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/4727051 …

Definitely think of our giveaways for building up pre-pub buzz and getting reviews to populate your GR page.

Ami then went on to indicate that not only new authors can use Goodreads. Ami gave some examples of well established authors to gain inspiration from:

Authors who do an awesome job on Goodreads include @bellaandre, @BarbaraFreethy, and @mstiefvater, just name a few

Kim Harrison (‪@burningbunnies) is also a GR author badass. Ran v popular re-read of her Hollows Series to promo new book

What what? What the hell is a re-read? I didn’t know – but I soon figured it out. Hmp. Sounds pretty cool:

Link to Kim Harrison re-read group: ‪https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/115190 …

At one point during her time on Twitter, I asked Ami: Do you recommend authors join reading groups that are in the same genre author writes in?

She replied back:

I adore this Q and am dedicating the song playing right now, Crazy In Love, to you 😉 

(She’s referring to the Romance Festival play list– great songs you could listen to while hanging out on Twitter, etc– so cool!)

Then in a set of follow up twitter posts she shared:

Groups are a great way to connect with readers on GR. They are a terrible way to try to SELL your book on GR

Joining a group to read books with other readers or share reviews will connect you to lots of ppl, and then…

…they will find your book from yr killer author profile, blog posts, etc. No need to sell in groups, make friends

368(Thanks, Ami! ; > )

She also added:

If you don’t find a GR group in the genre that you write in or want to talk about, you should start one…

At the end she posted:

I see we are wrapping up! Def email me w/further questions (agreko AT goodreads) & connect w/me on GR: ‪https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/127893-ami …

Do you have any questions you’d ask Ami if you had a chance?


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