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June 8, 2014

Harper Impulse Author Profile: Erica Hayes

ScorchedLADY SMUT: Erica, if you were a drink, what kind of drink would you be? And why?

ERICA HAYES: A whisky sour, maybe. Something impulsive and irritating that burns your throat if you don’t show enough respect.

LADY SMUT: Who do you read who makes you laugh or cry? Or both?

ERICA HAYES: Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams make me laugh. I’m not much for reading tear-jerkers… but poorly disguised fanfic and awful waif/billionaire stories with badly-written BDSM make me howl like a thwarted toddler. Do those count?

LADY SMUT: This is stolen from the HarperImpulse author bio form—but please tell us about your worse date ever.  Don’t spare us the gruesome details.

ERICA HAYES: I’m gonna have to play the boring card on this one. I’ve never been on a really excruciating date. A few embarrassing, won’t-a-chasm-please-open-and-swallow-me occasions, back in my misspent youth. Advice: never try to hide anything from the mother of the guy you’re illicitly crushing on. She can see right through you. Trust me. And she’ll call you on it, in public, right in front of said illicit crush’s current girlfriend. Ouch. Still, I got him in the end 🙂

LADY SMUT: What brought you to Harper Impulse – what was happening when you “got the call” that they wanted your book? Erica

ERICA HAYES: I think I was working on my laptop in front of the TV when I got an email from Charlotte at HI, saying she loved the book and wanted to publish it and would I please arrange a time to call and discuss. Which was awesome. Probably resulting in the most incoherent author-editor phone call ever.

LADY SMUT: Where do you dig deepest in your writing – what’s the theme in your book that you feel the most passionate about?

ERICA HAYES: Psst, wanna know a secret? {whispers} All my books are about the same thing. Yeah, even my big juicy paranormal romances. Some people call this your ‘core story’. For me, it’s probably more like a delicate mix of stubbornness and imagination failure, but my recurring theme is ‘the darkness within’.

Or maybe ‘everyone wears a mask’. Which is especially applicable with my HI book, Scorched, because it’s about masked crime-fighting superheroes. Guess I’m just getting more obvious in my old age!

LADY SMUT: Your book mentions masked crime fighters and also that the heroine has her memory taken away from her. I just watched Tom Cruise in Oblivion and love that movie Momento — both movies about people who loose their memory.  But I was left wondering: How much of our personality do you think goes away if someone took your memory.  Like, would I still be an angry person if I no longer remembered anyone I was angry with? What’s your take on this?

CherryERICA HAYES: Ooh, that’s a good one 🙂 Well, yeah, I think that long-term memories play a big part in making us who we are. We react to situations based on what’s happened to us in the past.

But I don’t think we need to actively remember that formative experience in order to be shaped by it. So yeah, if some nasty supervillain wiped your memory of who you were angry with, I think you’d still be angry 🙂 but it’d probably be more destructive, because you wouldn’t understand why.

That’d be what would happen if I was writing the story, anyway 🙂

LADY SMUT: Thanks, Erica for joining us today.

Readers, you can find Erica’s books HERE  or click on the pictures to go to Amazon. And don’t forget to follow us here at Lady Smut for all your Sunday romance reading.

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