Sexy Saturday Round Up

21 Jun

Hey glorious people–

Here we are to celebrate your Saturday/Sunday with some fun links from the Lady Smut bloggers.  World cup sex, geriatric love affairs, and a discussion of animal sex (literally) await you.  Enjoy!


By Madeline Iva:

What’s the future of safe sex?

For women who like their bad boys authentic–the hottie bad boy thug.

Do animals have sex for fun? 

An instant Men’s Fashion Don’t: the asymmetric thong.

From Alexa:

Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That’s all I know about the World Cup, and all I need to know.

If my job weren’t the best job ever, Sarah Beall’s job might be.

Are we seeing enough different types of strength in female characters?

And are those particular female characters overlooking potentially perfect mates?

From Elizabeth:

In the market for a new home? Buy Leonardo DiCaprio’s!

Just when you thought writing with a pen was dead, we’re learning of a resurgence in having pen pals.

The Brazilian team can have sex as long as it’s not acrobatic, and other world cup sex rules.

Let’s hear it for the (old) girl! 91-year-old granny appears on British TV to talk about her amazing sex life – with her 31-year-old boyfriend.

Lots and lots of naked people on TV!



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