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July 1, 2014

Pinterest, Pinterest, OH, How I Love You

LS Sexy Couple profileThe Lady Smut team is gearing up for the release of our first book LADY SMUT’S BOOK OF DARK DESIRES (Harper Impulse), so we are getting our social media ducks in a row. Some of us our more comfortable with social media and publicity than others, but we are managing. Now we have a Facebook page, a Twitter account (@LadySmut1), and oh, my friends, we now have a Pinterest account. We’ve just started so it will grow to be even more fabulous over the next few weeks, so please keep checking back.

The thing about Pinterest is that it’s so much fun and so easy that you spend a lot of time pinning, arranging, and gazing longing at beautiful photos of the ocean, well-appointed homes, or, um, men in kilts. (Yes, I have a board called men in kilts, what can I say? Grin.) So you really need to limit yourself. Give yourself 30 minutes and stick to it—unless you have the time, then what the heck? Go for it.

But for writers, it becomes a balancing act between our writing and our social media, which is now a part of our job. Like it or not.

I’ve come up with a few Pinterest tips I’m also sharing links specially geared to writers.


  1. It important to maintain a balance between publicizing your books and personal interests on Pinterest—which seems to be the key for other social media, as well. People what to think the are getting to know you. So if you love ballet or bowling, but neither has anything to do with your books, have a ballet or bowling board. This is one way to make connections with your readers. It’s more genuine than simply promoting your books.
  2. But DO have fun while promoting your books. Think about character boards. Location boards. Research boards. And the list could go on a bit.
  3. Get the Pinterest add on for your browser. This make it very simple to pin photos as your browse around on the web. A note about this: Please link and credit those photos as much as you can. It’s just good karma. (Besides which you don’t need a lawsuit, do you? Photographers like credit for their picture and who can blame them? ) It ‘s very simple to do the instructions are here.
  4. Follow the people whose boards you find interesting and very often they will follow you back. You can follow just of of their boards or follow the person, which means you will see all of their boards running through your stream.
  5. Pinterest has a great search function. You can search  for pins or for pinners. So you can place the words “sexy vampire” (which I have done) into the search box and images come up that you can choose to pin or not—and some of those pinners might be folks you want to follow.


I’m not an expert on Pinterest, but I’ve been on it awhile and am learning as I go. In the mean time,  I found some kick-ass blog posts on Pinterest. Check them out.

Your Writer Platform on Using Pinterest

Ideas for using Pinterest on Jane Friedman’s blog.

How Writer’s can use Pinterest on Peg Fitzpatrick’s blog.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to Lady Smut. While we spread out social media wings, remember this is our home base. You can always catch us here.

Before I let you go, today all three of the installments on my series EIGHT LAYS AROUND THE WORLD are free. This is to celebrate the release of #3, Morocco. Egypt and Morocco will be free all week. Hong-Kong just today (Amazon and it’s freebie rules!)!  This serial is more erotic than romance, just a fair warning. Enjoy!

Egyptcover2Hongkongcover2  MoroccoB***

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  • Post authorHarliqueen

    Looking forward to the release! 🙂

    And, oh my word, I love Pinterest too. But you’re right, you really od have to be strict about limiting time, or I could get lost pining all day 😀

    Reply to Harliqueen
  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    Janie Friedman???? Pinterest is fab! And you really know how to rock the boards, Liz. I definitely can delve more into character boards and shall do so.

    Reply to Madeline Iva

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