July 3, 2014

Fourth of July Romances


by Madeline Iva

Happy 4th of July! (A little early.)
I *do* like fourth of July — not so much for the fire works, but for that official bright start of summer.  You can think of beer and blankets at the fireworks display, I think of front porches, small towns and bunting.  Lots of bunting.

my other favorite things about 4th of July (aside from bunting) are:

You know you want it. Start your fourth of July party in your mouth. Click on photo to buy!

FIRECRACKER CHOCOLATE!  MADE with chocolate, spices, salt, and *pop rocks* it’s a party explosion in your mouth.  I can hear the pop rocks popping even with my mouth closed.  DH may be disgusted and rolling his eyes but I’m loving it!

SPARKLERS: the tamer safer *quieter* way to satisfy your pyro itch without setting the dogs into a frenzy, the cat under the bed, and the neighbors calling the police.sparklers

Wait…I smell something delicious—ah, it’s

tart 34th OF JULY TARTS

I’m obsessed with the creative possibilities here — and I say pie or cake is an always acceptable alternative to a tart.



tart 4




Check back later today — I’m adding some 4th of July romances to this post that you won’t want to miss!

Oh, and please follow our blog. 🙂 tart3



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