Sexy Saturday Round-Up

5 Jul

LS Sexy Couple profileHello, Sexy!  This is a long weekend for those in the U.S., celebrating our Independence Day. Take a little time to read some fabulous blog posts hand selected by your favorite naughty bloggers.

From Liz Everly:

Why you should go commando on the Fourth of July. (Or maybe any time?)

For all of us erotic romance writers who get those creepy emails from “fans” because they think we are our characters, here’s  a great post about how writers are not their characters.

The importance of first lines in your novels.

From Madeline:

Which Founding Father is your Soulmate?

Scientific Explanation for Our Obsession with Sexy Soccer Players

From Alexa:

Wanna make some noise? This sex study purports to explain why we ladies are so vocal in bed.

After the bang comes the whimper: one writer’s thoughtful look back at her sexual past.

I think this would-be professional bridesmaid has overlooked the growing market of women trying to duck bridesmaid-hood.

From C. Margery Kempe:

Sex and Wheels: Zadie Smith’s introduction for the new release of JG Ballard’s Crash

Want to see sexy Richard Armitage on stage? He’s in a hit production of The Crucible

Promoting your books with Pinterest can be easy

The topless girlfriend photo that launched Photoshop

Stay Hungry,


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