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July 11, 2014

Smuttin' It Up, Southern Style

Couple embracing on black couchBy Elizabeth Shore

C.M. Kempe has kindly let me take her Friday spot this week because, as you’ve noticed from our other recent posts, I’m quite happy to say that today is the official release date of my erotic contemporary Hot Bayou Nights. *Squee!* As Kool and the Gang puts it,  Cellllll – ah- bra – tion time, come on!

When I reflect back on the journey of getting this book from an idea in my head to a book on the shelf (or e-reader), I remember my wonderful editor Trish Owens from The Wild Rose Press contacting me when she’d decided to buy the book. She said she loved the story and she loved the heat, but I would still need to “smut it up” just a bit more. Well, color me happy to accommodate! I love writing hot scenes and could easily crank up the fire several notches for this book. So to get the smutty party started, I began by thinking about sweat.

Sweat, to me, is damn sexy stuff. Think back to the movie A Time To Kill with Matthew McConaughey. There’s a scene when he’s on the floor talking to wife Ashley Judd. The atmosphere is thick and hot and dense, and their bodies are covered with a sheen of sweat shiny as an oil slick. And boy oh boy, is it ever hot – and I don’t mean just the temperature.

My book is set in the Louisiana bayou. What captivated me in the first place about setting this book there is the sultriness of the place. No problems with heat and humidity there, so no problems with sweat. Problem solved.

My smutty thoughts then traveled to those heady, lust-filled moments when you and your partner just have to do it. There’s no  “well, it’d be great but I’ve got a meeting to attend,” or “yeah, I’m looking forward to a hop in your pants later tonight, babe.” No no NO. I’m talking about those moments when you’re hit with the inability to think of anything at all except the raging desire to mate. You’re both humming so hard with roaring sexual lust that you don’t even care if anyone sees you but you’ve got to have. sex. now. So I got my characters panting like dogs and put them in the middle of a busy area with lots of people walking by. Hormones are zinging. No time for soft, sweet lovemaking, folks. What these two need is a good ol’ fashioned f**k. Cue the library! It gets the job done.

My smutting up quest also extended to the length of description. The big O, for example. “Draw it out,” Trish suggested. “Let the readers enjoy the build-up as much as the heroine.” The advice is perfect, but the challenge can be difficult, especially when there are multiple scenes of her – and his – release. Writers are tempted to draw from their go-to bag of word tricks, but this can put us in dangerous territory with repeated phrases and descriptions. I only hope that I added appropriate sexiness to the scenes without them becoming rote.

Last but not least, I wanted to make sure that I really did capture the flavor of the Louisiana bayou, so naturally I included a restaurant scene. Liz Everly wrote in her post on Tuesday a decadent description of southern cuisine and the spices that make them sexy.  In the restaurant scene  my hero and heroine get the heat cranked over Louisiana creole foods like jumbalaya, étouffée,  and crawfish, to name just a few. And naturally, all those spices lead to some heavy duty desire, and then … well, y’all just have to read the book to find out.

Click on the cover to buy
Click on the cover to buy

I hope you enjoy. 🙂

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  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    What exactly is etouffee? Really excellent description of that must have you now stuff that makes me go squee as a reader. Congrats on your release!!!!

    Reply to Madeline Iva
  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Thanks! Etouffee is like a stew that’s served over rice and usually includes some sort of shellfish like shrimp or crab. Very delicious and a typical creole dish.

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore

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