Sexy Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers


Hello, Sexy! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Check out Lady smut’s weekly round-up of sexy fun!

From Liz:

Sex with a Puppet?

What it’s really like being a dominatrix.

The Bollywood Revolution.

From Madeline Iva:

3-D vagina artist

Where to look for a third nipple–Hollywood.

Esquire SUCKS! Deigns to acknowledge that women under 42 are ‘still attractive’.

Revenge porn now illegal.

Have you ever checked out Romance Beat? Here’s their post on 10 Reasons To Still Watch True Blood Even Though It’s Jumped The Shark. 

The Madness of Crushes.

From Elizabeth:

Is he a potential love match or just lusting after your body? Researcher say the eyes tell the truth.

Striking a chord the world over. Three brothers make a two minute film on the miseries of living in a Facebook age.

WTF? Employees at a Chicago water company disciplined if they use the bathroom for more than six minutes a day.

What your sexual fantasy says about you.

From Alexa:

Sex sells? Well … every rule has exceptions.

This stripper’s love affair with her thighs will make you reconsider your relationship with yours.

Embrace the Jade Egg, but not with your arms.

This quiz purports to guess when you lost your virginity (almost nailed it for me — heyo!).


  • Kel

    Love the stripper who loves her thighs story… I too have thick legs, but I can dance forever and catch a falling motorcycle with my thighs despite horridly expensive “never walk normally again” knee surgery. I’ll take that over more socially acceptable skinny legs.

    • Elizabeth Shore

      Catch a falling motorcycle with your thighs?! You go, Kel!!

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore

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