July 29, 2014

A Little Spanking with My Room Service, Please: Sex Tourism

By Liz Everly

If you look up “armchair traveler” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a picture of me there. I write books set all over the world because I enjoy learning about different cultures and their food ways. One of the reasons I write is to learn. I don’t travel much yet, but one of these days, I will. I’m researching for the day I will be footloose and fancy free, dontchyaknow.

My SAFFRON NIGHTS Series is set all over the world. In CRAVINGS, the second book in the series, Sasha is a world-sex traveler. She used to be a paid dominatrix who traveled the world for her clients. One of the locations the story is set is Saint Lucia and my characters are staying at a chocolate-themed resort. But Sasha had been there before—to a very high-end BDSM club-resort. At one point she takes Sanj to a BDSM shop that she remembers fondly. When researching for the books, I found out about sex tourism. It probably won’t surprise you to find out that there are sex clubs all over the world catering to the whim of travelers. You want BDSM? How about a ménage? Or to indulge your foot fetish? Chances are you can find it somewhere out there—somewhere far from home, where the neighbors are ever prying. Here are the top five places for sex tourism.

Now, I’m writing an erotic serial that I’m publishing on Amazon. It’s called EIGHT LAYS AROUND THE WORLD (A NAUGHTY TRAVELOGUE). It’s gotten a little kinky, but I plan to get even kinkier with it.

The other day I was on Amazon and ran across a new book called AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 LAYS:  THE SEX TOURISM HANDBOOK: BED HOPPING IN BANGKOK, RIO, PRAGUE, AND AROUND THE WORLD, by Joe Diamond. Joe is currently a writer for Playboy TV’s new travel series Sexy Things to Do Before You Die. Cool gig, heh?


In my serial, my main character, Gigi, is getting paid to travel the world and write about her sex experiences—but just for one man, the Benefactor, who is a good friend of Marko, her boss at the publishing company she works for. She’s a young editorial assistant working at a huge publishing company and at the start of the series is bored with her work and longs to travel and write about food and culture. So, this is what her boss offers—after seeing her in action at a sex club and knowing she’d be up for a little sexual fun. Let’s be clear: my books and serial is complete fiction.



But there are a lot of nonfiction guides out there. It turns out the Joe is not the only writer to be dipping his toes into this subject. There’s a lot of other books out there in similar vein. Most of them appear to really just be for single guys on vacation. I’ve yet to find more discerning guides for couples and women, though I know those places exist from my research.

To me, the stuff of sex travel is pure fantasy. Personally, I’m a wee bit more comfortable with culinary tourism. But sex tourism is intriguing. If you could indulge your fantasies, where would it be?







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