Sexy Saturday Round-Up

lady-smut-sexy-saturday-greenHello, Sexy! Many of the Lady Smut bloggers are off enjoying a brief respite. But those of us who are left, have scoured the Internet for your reading pleasure.

From Liz:

A 15-minute climax????

For those who have no orgasms.

Gay guys drawing vaginas. Yes, really.

From Elizabeth:

I want this job! Woman quits boring gig at a bank, becomes professional sex toy tester.

There’s a calendar out there for everyone, including those who like to look at nude, rock-climbing women.

Kate Middleton jumps over tin cans in high heels. Royal baby watchers conclude: she’s not pregnant.

Is your bikini body not where you’d like it to be? Then check out the 20 most flattering one-piece swimsuits.

Anna Paquin educates Larry King on bisexuality.

From Alexa:

August is Read a Romance Month! Check out this calendar, catch up on the posts so far, and prepare to beef up that TBR list.

You’ll have a tough time looking away from these incredibly graphic baby shower cakes. You might also have a tough time eating later, but that’s another problem.

The ad looks like just another weekend at my place (who says it doesn’t?), but now it looks like a hot, shirtless staff is within everyone’s reach!

I love Lulu, and I love what she has to say about not letting anything — even yourself — hold you back.

From CMK:

The Journal of Popular Romance Studies needs a new editor!

What did you do on National Orgasm Day?

Top 5 Qs about Women’s Orgasms Answered

Confused Cats Against Feminism

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