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August 8, 2014

The Last Taboo (Big Book of Submission on Tour)

TBBOSblogtourby C. Margery Kempe

There’s a big blog tour on supporting the 69 kinky tales in The Big Book of Submission¬†(click the picture to see more stops along the tour). The book features my story “The Rhino” about a driven advertising executive who intimidates her colleagues, but has discovered a side of herself that she never expected to find.

Although a lot of people still roll their eyes at the whole¬†Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, there’s no doubt that it has helped mainstream a lot of practices that would have once only been known to a more discreet group of practitioners. When even big celebrities like Helen Mirren can admit to enjoying spanking, for example, we can see that a lot of headway has been made even if there’s still a lot of giggling behind hands for most vanilla folk.

There’s still a huge backlash against women who submit. While the call for “strong female characters” grows, there’s also a huge misunderstanding about what that means. People love dom women — or at least those who look like they are, such as Emma Peel. But women have fought so hard to be taken seriously, to have their own power and to wield it, that submission can appear to be ‘letting the side down’ as it were.


But that’s not what it’s about: it’s about trust.

It’s about having faith in someone other than yourself. It’s about letting go when you’re accustomed to being in control. And it’s about the excitement of not knowing what will happen next — but knowing it’s delicious. Follow the tour for more delights.

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  • Post authorKemberlee

    If I only looked that good in a sexy black suit! {sigh}

    Reply to Kemberlee
      • Post authorKel

        It’s truth.

        Find a costumer or a local tailor. Seriously. I tailor* all my suits, especially for interviews; just the line along my back, or the hip as needed, and I’ve had more women ask me where I got that or compliment it… and I’m bloody hard to fit. Takes it from “off the rack” to “bespoke” for the cost of a spool of thread and a little time.

        And it’s amazing what changing one line of a jacket or skirt will do for both the look of something and your self-confidence.

        *Theatre (costuming) major at college, I might have an advantage here… but you should be able to find someone if you look. No idea what they might charge, however. A competent someone should be able to pin you in and give you an estimate in under 15 minutes, though. If they waffle, remember, I can do this to *my own back* in under 20 – find someone else.

        • Post authorC. Margery Kempe

          I’m all thumbs, but I’ve been convinced that I have to try more — or pay someone!

          Reply to C. Margery Kempe
    • Post authorC. Margery Kempe

      All shorts, perfect for a little pick-me-up!

      Reply to C. Margery Kempe
  • Post authorKel

    I’m always amazed at the people who do not understand the very careful balance of power in a healthy Ds relationship. They’re the ones who look at me blankly when I laugh and reply “I don’t trust anyone that much” when trying to explain it’s not something I could do as more than a game.

    Does anyone think of the Dalai Lama as a weak person? Letting go of expectation and attachment is the ultimate expression of submission of the self – it’s why I’m such a horrid Buddhist, too.

    Humans have such a skewed vision of the world. They idolize strength, and they don’t even know what it is. They crave power, and most of them couldn’t see it if they tripped over it and it caught them before they broken their necks in the street unless it was pretty too. Blind, the lot of us.

  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    Love the cover — and I can’t wait to read your story CMK!

    Reply to Madeline Iva

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