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August 23, 2014

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

Lady Smut Sexy Saturday purpleHello, Sexy! Welcome to your weekend. What a pleasure to start it off with some reading from the web curated by the Lady smut bloggers.


From Liz:

Five things done differently in healthy relationships.

On Vampires  (you know I love my sexy vamps).

A new documentary on BDSM porn.

From Elizabeth:

Want to know what’s wrong with sex today? Ask a 100-year-old sex therapist.

Forget about real people! For the best sex in town, try a robot.

Regular baseball may be boring, but not baseball erotica!

Hoo-boy, now you can drink from Kate Moss’s breast – in the form of a champagne glass.

From Alexa:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder … and it makes for better sleep, apparently.

I’d be happier about the FDA’s October workshop if I knew how they defined “female sexual dysfunction.”

Nothing secret about it — I’ve played quite a few of these 50 so-called “dorky songs” loudly and proudly.

From Madeline:

I present to you–the Most Beautiful Butts of Hollywood.

So THAT’S where it went! Sex toy in woman for 10 years.

Sorta feel sorry for the guy with feelings—but only sorta–as Chelsea Lately crew mocks Bachelorette loser.

Edible chocolate legos. For the creative child in you.


Stay Hungry,



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