September 6, 2014

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Lady Smut badge 2By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

Hello, Sexy! Happy Saturday! The Lady Smut Bloggers have your reading pleasure covered—from sex myths to sex secrets and skinny-shaming and revenge porn. We curate the best for you, our loyal readers.

From Liz Everly:

Successful women authors—a different expectation? 

Skinny shaming by Nicki?

Nine sex myths that can hurt your relationship.

From Elizabeth:

Nightmares of the internet age. One woman’s experience with revenge porn.

Some stuff you should keep to yourself – like these sex secrets.

Bring the butterflies back to your relationship – seven easy ways.

Wow, not sure what to think of this. Meet a woman who’s crowdfunding her abortion.

From Alexa:

I didn’t need convincing, but here are six reasons to cozy up to a ginger.

What happened to ladies first? Check out the long and winding road to simultaneous orgasm.

To steal a phrase from superstitious sports fans: Your turn-on is only weird if it doesn’t work.

From C. Margery Kempe:

Turn your to-do list into a heroic quest.

10 Female Gangsters

Vintage pics of women and their motorcycles

From Madeline:

10 surprising ways that sex improves your health from WebMD

NYTimes says Representation for Women In Movies is Improving. True that.

You love the alpha male in romances –but would you want to work with him? Tips for Dealing with a Dominating Personality Type. (Notice the assumption that this person is in charge…)


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