September 11, 2014

Bonkbusters & The Younger Man: Q&A with Michelle Bentham

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By Madeline Iva

Cheerio ladies and gents.  Today British author Michelle Betham is here to chat with us about her sexy soccer series — STRIKER, EXTRA TIME, and FINAL SCORE.

MADELINE IVA: Tell us once again Michelle: what’s a “bonkbuster”? (We don’t use this term in the U.S. but I love it.)

MICHELLE BETHAM: A “bonkbuster” is, basically, a novel – usually a contemporary romance – which includes more than a fair amount of, well, sex, and usually a big helping of scandal! Think Jackie Collins, Jilly Cooper, that kind of thing. Pure escapism, really.

MADELINE IVA: A little over the top–just the way I like my romance.

Meanwhile, I’ve read you’re from the North East part of England.  What kind of sexy men does one find in the North East of England? Would we recognize any British movie stars or famous movie characters from that area? (Rochester? James Herriot? Er, Rob Brydon?) Are your bonkbusters set there?

MICHELLE BETHAM: I’m from the North East of England, yes. A Geordie girl born and bred! But as far as sexy men are concerned… well, this part of the world hasn’t turned out too many globally recognizable movie stars/characters (as yet!), but, the most famous one out there right now would probably have to be Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam. He was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, just a few miles up the road from me, and I think it’s fair to say he’s pretty easy on the eye! Especially when he’s on a motorbike…

Charlie Hunnam -- clearly Betham likes a rugged kind of guy.
Charlie Hunnam — clearly Betham likes a rugged kind of guy.

And Newcastle-upon-Tyne is where – in the main – the ‘Striker’ series of books are set. Because I love the city, and I love the North East in general, so there’s usually always a North East connection somewhere in all of my books.

MADELINE IVA:  Ah.  The first book in your series is about a journalist willing to “play dirty” with a footballer (soccer player).  Just what dirty shenanigans does your heroine get up to? ;>

MICHELLE BETHAM: Well, Amber starts out as a bit of a “good girl”, really – career driven, focused, not really interested in a relationship, least of all with a footballer. But then Ryan Fisher crash lands into her life and all of sudden he opens up a whole new world to her. He’s a bit of a bad boy, the younger man.

Ever read a 'Bonkbuster'? Here's your chance! Click to buy.
Ever read a ‘Bonkbuster’? Here’s your chance! Click to buy.

MADELINE IVA: Nice! I love stories with a younger man.

MICHELLE BETHAM: He makes Amber feel sexy again, helps her to lose her inhibitions, which sees the sex in this book shift out of the bedroom and into places Amber would never have dreamed of having sex in before! I think it’s safe to say that a lot of the things that go on in the soccer stadiums in this book have very little to do with sport!

MADELINE IVA: Wow.  Now *that* sounds fun!

Your other book EXTRA TIME & FINAL SCORE are stories about “sex, secrets, and the trust cost of fame.” What are some of these secrets about?

MICHELLE BETHAM: Without giving too much away, we’re talking career-ending scandals, betrayals that could tear families apart; faces from the past coming back to re-open old wounds… And all three of the main characters in these books have secrets. All of which do, eventually, come out into the open. And when they do, it isn’t always pretty…

MADELINE IVA: See, I like it when things aren’t too pretty.  Well, thank you so much Michelle for stopping by today.

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  • Post authorMichelle Betham

    A HUGE thanks to the FABULOUS Lady Smut for featuring me and the sexy Striker Series today. It was an absolute pleasure to stop by and talk a little bit about sex, bonkbusters, and the younger man! Oh, and not forgetting Charlie Hunnam! 😉 Thanks again, ladies, for a brilliant post! Really appreciated! 🙂

    Reply to Michelle Betham
  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    What’s a Geordie? Is that the name of a place in Newcastle?

    And isn’t the trope of older-woman/younger-man an interesting one? I always think it’s going to be some kind of “I’m sick of it all, come here you young thing you,” from the older woman. In fact, so many plots seem the reverse. That the woman is less adventurous or something and it’s the younger guy who opens her eyes, who gets her to do what she would never dare do before.

    Do you think that one trope is more standard than the other in these types of stories?

    Reply to Madeline Iva
    • Post authorMichelle Betham

      A Geordie is the name given to a person born in and around the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. And it’s also the name given to the dialect spoken in that region. It’s actually quite interesting listening to Charlie Hunnam speak in Sons of Anarchy because although there are times when I forget he’s British, there are other times when I can hear a little bit of Geordie slipping through the American accent!

      As,for the older woman/younger man theme in romance, I certainty think – in those books I’ve read anyway – that it always seems to be the female taking the lead, which is why I kind of wanted Amber to be the opposite of that in Striker, and let Ryan show her a thing or two. I had WAY more fun with that!!

      Reply to Michelle Betham
      • Post authorLiz Everly

        Welcome to Lady Smut! We hope you will stop by again, soon! What an informative interview. 😉

        Reply to Liz Everly

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