Sexy Saturday Round-Up

13 Sep

LS Fb squareHello, Sexy! Rounding off the week with some great blog posts curated by Lady Smut? Welcome and enjoy.

From Liz:

Writing hot scenes—or not.

When do you quit a series?

Want to learn a bit about kink? Here’s the Kink Academy.

From Elizabeth:

What’s the best sex around? Why, it’s swinger sex, of course.

Having trouble getting your creativity juices flowing? Here are six obstacles that block you and six ways to get rid of  them.

Get ready for Sunday brunch by making the finest scrambled eggs EVER.

When, oh when, did it become OK to go to out in public wearing nothing but pasties? Tell me that, Miley Cyrus.

What the heck is he talking about? Man speak v. woman speak – 10 common misunderstandings.

Coming from giving oral sex.

From Madeline:

How much do top male models earn? How much do top female models earn?

Mocking the fate of Russia’s space sex geckos.

Coming Out About Spanking from (Thanks for posting this on FB, Alexa). Here’s the other side of the coin, an essay on Finding the Courage to Reveal a Fetish from the NYTimes.

Shoe porn: slide show of shoes at the NYTimes.

Ladies, I give you the ORGASMATRON.

From Alexa:

OMG, stop with the sex recipes … said no one I know, ever. YourTango’s sex cookbook continues with sex frosting.

The work of a few thieves — and a lot of looky-loos — won’t keep us from taking nude selfies.

A fairly long list of foods that resemble dicks is sure to get you tittering.

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