September 19, 2014

Dance Your Kink

Big Book of Submissionby C. Margery Kempe

Big props to my Lady Smut colleagues for helping to celebrate The Big Book of Submission. I could not be more pleased! Or exhausted. The jetsetting life is fatiguing if you’re also a working stiff.


So battling fatigue, pining for the good life, wishing I were still in Sopot while mounds of work glare at me and my colleagues mutter under their breath, here’s another Friday dance party special to get you moving and motivated — or at least I hope it will get me moving and motivated — with a bit of a kinky theme.

Madonna’s ‘Human Nature’ is a big fave of mine because it’s a great song, but it’s also a fun video. BDSM is so often portrayed as super serious. It’s play! Kink can be as simple as wearing that special outfit for your lover. Which is how a lot of kink hides in plain sight.

Besides, I too have absolutely no regrets.

Madge has been good on sharing her erotic explorations for a long time and it’s easy to forget how she was the Anaïs of pop music, pushing all the boundaries to see just how far we would follow her. Good stuff.

Back in the day it was more challenging to get the truth out there but you know Cat Woman was getting some fun on that fur rug. The woman with champagne tastes didn’t care what other people thought of it.

People often misunderstand S&M as abuse. Rihanna’s video was a cheeky way to hit back (see what I did there?) at critics who victim blamed her for domestic abuse. Consensual sex — even when it’s rough — is not abuse. You can’t choose what gets you off. But you can choose a partner who understands that and loves you for it. That’s bliss.

I almost forgot to include my first youthful introduction to the concept of bondage. RIP Polystyrene. You were the stuff.

Choose Lady Smut: we understand that sex is a many splendored thing that includes all kinds of fun.

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