Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello, Sexy! Sit back, relax, you are going to be here awhile. We’ve got some great posts line up for your reading pleasure.

From Liz Everly:

The scoop with Ellora’s Cave.

15 places to stroke your man.

On pacing your book.

From Elizabeth:

What one woman learned from not shaving her armpits for a month.

Decisions, decisions. What type of threesome is best for you?

Don’t call this gal a gold digger just because she refuses to date a man who’s strapped for cash.

Who you callin’ a slut? This woman just likes having sex.

Breaking up is hard to do. Here are 10 ways to make it less painful.

Girl power! Scotland’s prestigious St. Andrew’s golf club finally – after 260 years! – votes to allow women.

Oh dear. The condom’s disappearing act.

Feminist GIFs you need

From Alexa:

Her next-door neighbor is into back-door sex … and says other moms should consider it.

If we’re talking about women who really want to be mothers and women who really don’t, we have to talk about this set of women, too.

An author describes her life as an asexual woman.

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Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up


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