Sexy Saturday Round-Up

LS Sexy Couple profileHello, sexy! Typa-typa-type. Our fingers have moved all over our keyboards this week searching the Internets for the best blog posts for you. Relax. We got it.

From Liz:

Interesting piece on Nicholas Sparks. Read the comments. Smirk.

Guys: Six sex moves you don’t want to use.

Blessed are the swingers, baby. A-men.

From Madeline:

From the BBC: Why are we so bare? Could it be to express emotion?

Filed under hmmmmmm. (Rolling my eyes.) From the Atlantic: Women behind the webcam.

Using women’s team sport uniforms to garner attention through sex. (Rolling my eyes. Again)

From Elizabeth:

If this doesn’t have the “ick” factor, I don’t know what does. A German committee says that incest is a “fundamental right.”

So what’s the deal with hand jobs, anyway?

He’s climbed to the top of the ultra-competitive ink ladder. Meet the best tattoo artist in the U.S.

This just in from Captain Obvious: reading sex stories can spruce up a couple’s sex life.

From CMK:

Tom Hiddleston *sigh* 

Writing to music

10 Facts about Infidelity

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Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

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