Sexy Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

LS Fb squareHello, Sexy! We have some fabulous, entertaining, and funny blog posts for you today. Have a great weekend!

From Liz:

Sex toys with your burger?

Confused about titles? Jenna Jaxon clears it up. 

Think your way to a better orgasm. 

From Elizabeth:

Armpit fetishes. Really? Yes, really.

What kind of porn do women like watching? Pornhub goes statistician on us and gives us the fascinating data.

Here’s a “happy” mission: one woman’s goal of getting a happy ending massage.

Got plans this weekend to attend a swinger’s party? Better brush up on these etiquette tips first.

Why does “having it all” for women only mean having a career and kids? Can you “have it all” by having something else?

From Alexa:

If you can get all the way through this classic article about male anatomy modification, I salute you.

Where are all the Asians? I hope they’re with John Cho. He’s changing the game and stuff.

And speaking of changing the game, I give you Shonda Rhimes.

From CMKempe:

What women want in porn: more men (h/t Kemberlee Shortland)

Amazon’s next gambit is about to be revealed: advances

Over in the world of lit’ry fiction: trolls and hipster misogynists

Stay Hungry,


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