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WashLuncheonby Madeline Iva

It’s October! (Waves arms excitedly.) I’m excited for so many reasons:

a) GIRL’S NIGHT OUT…was Glorious! Liz Everly, Alexa Day, and I had a smashing Girl’s Night Out at Derriere de soie [what a gorgeous store, what reasonably priced n fabulous lingerie!] Those who stayed til the end went home happy with little black bags, that buzzed.  If you know what I mean. And I think you do. ;>

b) WE’RE PAINTING THE TOWN AGAIN: Saturday October 11th–Liz Everly and I will be bringing the heat at the WASHINGTON LOVES READERS LUNCHEON.  Literally. She’ll be giving away books to readers, I’ll be giving away e-books of our anthology AND Lindt chocolates.  I’ll be doing some palm reading as well. Oh, and we’re giving away a LADY SMUT gift basket full of books and goodies. (Register HERE if you’re interested.  I mean, you could even sit next to us and everything.)

c) IT’S OCTOBER! — my favorite, absolutely favorite month of the year.  I heard someone say October is like Christmas for gay people.  Well, move over honey, because this witch-ay wo-man in her platform shoes likes to party in October.

Whether it’s the swirl of autumn leaves proclaiming it’s time to hustle about in scarves and mittens, the splatter of rain on black cats proclaiming it’s time for adventure in cobblestone alleyways, or all the magical street action that a Halloween night can bring to our neighborhood–I find October adorbs.  Why?

Time to unleash your inner Vampira!
Time to unleash your inner Vampira!

d) SPOOKY SEXY COSTUMES: It calls to the Vampira sexpot inside me.  To the virgin inside me who wants to dress up naughty–really naughty just for one night.  It calls to the cackling hag inside me.  Honey—where’s my broom?

e) SPOOKY-SPOOKY SEXY READS Another thing about October — it’s purrrr-fect as a release month for us because the themes in our anthology are all spooky-spooky.

I’ve written SEXSOMNIA about  a woman sleep walking her way into hot sex with who knows? She needs to uncover the answer–and the answer in turn has something to do with a gateway to Hell.

C.Margery Kempe has some delicious masked goblin men seducing maidens down at the Goblin Market.

Elizabeth Shore has got one spooky old cool insane asylum and one freaked out movie director locked up inside for the night. Liz Everly has vampires coming through smart phones and computer screens.

Yes, it's a sexy corn costume.  WTF?????
Yes, it’s a sexy corn costume. WTF?????

You’ll have to check it out.  Our very own editor described our stories, and I quote, as ‘Hot, hot, hot!‘  Word on the street, (well Barnes & Noble,) is that the anthology releases Oct. 31st.  Buy it and you can read the stories on Halloween in between answering the door all night.  Hey put down that candy! It’s for the kids.

e) DEEP DARK DESIRES – THE LADY SMUT BOOK OF DARK DESIRES is all about dark desires.  When researching Sexsomnia for the book, and how your suppressed desires can affect your sleep, I realized that, man, I have a lot of dark desires. Now some people would call me a ninny, because I’ll never actually fulfill them.  Or so they think: I’ll never tell. ;>

But aside from next week, when we’re going to go all American Revolutionary on your a**es—I’ve decided to devote my blog posts to presenting these dark desires.

f) DARK DESIRE #1 — okay, not strictly a dark desire, but at least a rather odd obsession–


It’s the strangest, closest thing to incest there is without–you know–really going to ick-ville.  Why the obsession, Madeline?

Ahhh! Chocolate!!!
Ahhh! Chocolate!!!

I’m so glad you asked!  Okay, it’s like, first of all what drives these relationships? Because it seems to happen a lot.  Is it the long hours of working together in the sexed-up atmosphere of acting/Hollywood, (Yes) combined with the lure of the forbidden that sucks them in? (Yes.) I mean, there’s so little forbidden in this day and age–it must be like catnip to these people.

Do some have a masochistic desire to tank their career?–because fans are NEVER happy to find out about it. Is it some sort of acting leakage — like they’re playing a role where they show each other fondness, friendship, protectiveness, teasing–and then that leaks out into their real relationship and then suddenly once they’re thinking about each other things take a really super-perverse  turn?

OR–Kiersten Hallie Krum—because we know that the actors playing Claire and Jamie in Outlander are as madly in love with each other off screen as they appear to be on screen– Is it that we just want to flip the bird to acting insiders who claim “usually people who like each other simply have no chemistry on set whatsoever and actually it’s the people who simply hate each other who do.

Yes, I want to prove these people are soooooo WRONG. Chemistry is chemistry sez I. But I’d like to have some evidence to prove these insiders wrong.

The other reaction I have is HA! I *knew* it!  My random kink of watching for The Vibe That Should Not Be There But Is results in my growing more addicted each time I spot it.  (I know, get a life, right?)

The first time I spotted it on a soap opera, Another World.  I was *cough* three years old *cough* when I noticed that a good girl who had given up her baby for adoption sixteen years ago (back when she was a bad girl) now faced that baby — er, six foot guy, who threatened to expose her sin to all the town.  Is he her son? Or is he a con artist? Or he’s a con artist who THINKS he’s not her son, but really HE IS? Who frickin’ cared?–their chemistry was hot, hot, hot! I learned that he even got fired from the show and later secretly rehired because the executives were like no, no NO! This is now where the story is going.  Meanwhile, I was like yes, yes, YES! Why, when you have magic before you, why toss it away? Why?

I spotted it three other times.  Here are three guesses where I got it right:

Katherine Heigle and Jason Behr on ROSWELL.  They just seemed not at all brother & sister-ish.  They didn’t look alike, (if anything Heigle looked related to the other tall strapping alien).  But what I really noticed (this is going to sound soooo weird, I know) is that in their scenes together I was very focussed on her boobs.  A lot.  Why? Okay, here’s my theory, I think when two actors are in a room thinking about boobs in a scene, somehow we all end up thinking about boobs.

Emily and David…aren’t they cute? My stomach feels so strange.

Emily VanCamp and David Annable on BROTHERS & SISTERS.  They obviously were playing a brother and sister.  I saw their chemistry a mile off.  From the very first scene.  So did the producers of the show.  This is where I give two thumb’s up to the producers: they changed the show to exploit the chemistry.  First they meet as adults and discover they’re related: OH but wait! They’re really NOT.  I think this is the main reason why I get so into catching these things.  I wonder if the producers will stay set in their plan, or use the magic where they find it?

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere on HEROES.  They had immediate VAST chemistry from their first scene together as well.  I don’t know why the producers didn’t see this coming and change things accordingly.  But alas, their characters turned out to be uncle and niece.  Meanwhile, they dated off screen and I guess everyone blamed poor Milo, because he was a decent actor yet who has seen him since?

How much pressure do the studios put on boinking brother-sister actors to keep it under wraps? A lot, is what I’m guessing. Who successfully hid their secret and we never knew? I tell you who surprised me: David Cassidy and Susan Dey from the Partridge Family.  Of course I wasn’t looking for it then…because I wasn’t even born then…*cough*.

Anyway, it’s a crazy situation, that’s SO juicy and inherently fraught with melodrama.  Ya know? And how many situations in contemporary romance are able to get that touch of forbidden desire in there? Not many.

Meanwhile, follow Lady Smut for more scandalous revelations of dark desires.  You won’t want to miss a thing.

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  • Post authorKel

    Why in the world do people get upset about actors who play siblings in a show being in a real world relationship? That’s just… weird. I mean, I know people are weird about our taboos, but… acting. It’s not real.

    Then again, I do get kind of squigged when people try to pair up fictional sibling characters within their own universe, so… maybe I’m just wired to compartmentalize.

  • Post authormadeline Iva

    It’s like crossing the streams. You’re just not supposed ta.

    I guess I love the chaos principal behind it. Things are supposed to go one way with a big popular show–and there are mountains of PR people trying to control how things appear—but love and attraction cannot be quelled. They will rear up and have their way. That kind of thing. I love it when something comes along and messes up stuff that’s super-orderly.

    Also, I think it matters to a lot of people because the characters become SO strong in our minds, we don’t want those illusions shattered. Like how the actor who played Superman could never be seen swearing or smoking in public. I think it was in his contract, even.

    Reply to madeline Iva

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