Rogues, Romps & Revolutionaries!

By Madeline Iva

delectable 18th century fashion

delectable 18th century fashion

I heart the messy frosted wedding cake fashions of the last quarter of the 18th century. It’s not just period in time, but a spirit of change — the dawn of Romanticism, the era of enlightenment and chaos combined.

Perfect for kicking off while you're on a swing.

Perfect for kicking off while you’re on a swing.

What a great time – what glorious panache the people had.  A great big mix of good, bad, saint & sinners, cosmopolitian intellectuals and nature loving stewards of the land.  Humanity was just about to raise her skirts and take a big step out of the muddle puddle of misery we’d been languishing in since the dark ages.498EL MONTE-  71.

There was a stiff side to things, to be sure, but also what I call a Wild Child Enlightenment.Fop me Wild child enlightenment

Modern science was embryonic, Mary Shelley was having nightmares of monsters. Western culture began chugging along on steam while great minds reflected on our animal desires and our inner nature.Fan me

Poets and philosophers made love with each other and planned utopian visions high on opium.

Fop me now.

Fop me now.

Freedom fighting revolutionaries took their politics and passions to the streets, wrapping it all up in a bloody red American bow.betsy-flag-crop-main

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