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October 21, 2014

Dark Desires: A $3,000 Orgasm

By Liz Everly

A few weeks back, when Lady Smut held a pre-launch party for our book THE LADY SMUT BOOK OF DARK DESIRES, sex toys were given out as door prizes. They were from the lingerie store Derriere de soie, where we had the party. (You can check out their line of sleek, ahem, TOYS, from their online store HERE.) Such a fabulous and generous store. In any case, it was an odd sensation to be sitting with a group of women talking sex toys and passing around these rather intimate objects and testing them in our hands.

Photo by Bahia Noticias
Photo by Bahia Noticias

I don’t think my mother would approve. And that suits me just fine. Grin.

I don’t think this is something I could have imagined doing 20 years ago. I wasn’t embarrassed and it didn’t make me the least bit uncomfortable, even though many of the women there were people I barely knew. It helped that many of the women there were as comfortable as I was.

But we were all women of a certain age. Most of us have had children; none of us were virgins. All of us had probably had more than one lover in our lives. So, what’s to be embarrassed about with a little vibrating sex toy?

I won the most expensive and probably most interesting sex toy there. It’s the Olga by Lelo. It’s metallic and doesn’t vibrate. It’s much heavier than one would think you could have use for as a sex toy. I thought if I didn’t have kids I might use it as an interesting paper weight–you know it would be a great one for an erotic romance writer.

But then, I looked it up online.

It’s weight is supposedly one of it’s many benefits–as when it’s inserted, it presses right on the g-spot in most women. The other thing it’s very good for is holding temperature. If you put it on ice, it will remain cold—or you can heat it in the microwave and try the warmed-up version. I’ve been sending pictures to my friends and one said, “Now that I’ve seen it on ice, I admit–I kinda want it.”

Well, too bad. It’s mine. 😉

Here it is on ice:


If you’re interested, there are more toys here.  On the olga website there is a gold-plated toy available for over $3,000. That’s right. A gold-plated dildo. That, my friend, must be one hell of an orgasm. But if you can spend even more, I’ve seen toys for $7,000 and $13,000. Here is a good review of the Olga. 

In any case, between the new toy I won, and the lovely toys LoveHoney recently sent me, I’m flush with sex toys. Which is not something I’d ever imagine myself saying or writing. But there you have it.

P.S. Please don’t send me any more sex toys. (More words I never thought I’d write.) If you have an itch to send me something, fine chocolate, champagne, jewelry, lingerie will do.  For the price of one of these luxury sex toys, I’d rather take a trip to Europe or a tropical island, where I could, indeed, indulge in all of my new toys.  That’s what’s at the top of my I’ve-been-a-very-good-girl list.  Grin.

In the mean time, if you like historical fiction where dildos ARE NOT included, check out my latest : Tempting Will McGlashen, featuring Scottish blacksmith and an innkeeper’s daughter.  Meanwhile, can we tempt you to follow our blog? ; >

Click to order!
Click to order!


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  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Does the more expensive toy give you a better orgasm? I’m skeptical, but guess I’d have to try it for myself. All in the name of research, of course.

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    Dark Desires: A $3,000 Orgasm

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  • Post authorC. Margery Kempe

    Research, it’s all about research. Someone get me a grant!

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