October 31, 2014

Sexy Witches

DarkDesiresby C. Margery Kempe

Earlier this week Madeline Iva asked if you were a good witch or a bad witch, but I think the important question is are you a sexy witch? While I find the habit of slapping ‘sexy’ on any costume’s name and removing half its fabric really annoying and stupid and insulting, witches are dead sexy because they are powerful.

Yeah, baby.

In the early modern era that led to widespread witch hunts — yeah, early modern era because in the Middle Ages people were smarter than that. But look at our own era: how much misogyny there is and fear of women’s power and inevitably that leads to calling us witches.

Sometimes the curly-toed shoe fits 😉 which is why my Book of Dark Desires tale is about a witch who discovers something weird in her family history — and when Lizzie thinks something’s weird, you know it is.

Dead sexy, too.

Here’s some of my favourite sexy witch movies:

Veronica Lake is spooky cute.

Lovely Kim Novak shows why you don’t mess with witches.

A wonderful cast of lovely women.

The awesome cool gals you always wanted to be in school.

The one and only Angelica!

Serafina Pekkala, Finnish witch.


Happy Halloween everyone from the Lady Smut crew.

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  • Post authorKel

    I’ve always thought that if you needed to show skin to be sexy you were doing it wrong. Sexy is way more interesting when you see less… If you can’t be sexy covered head to toe, you’re not actually sexy, you’re a toy… which can be attractive, but it’s a reflection of someone else’s sex appeal, not a statement of your own.

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