Beardy Goodness by Kemberlee Shortland, Guest Post

By Kemberlee Shortland, special  to Lady Smut

Incredibeard – Isaiah Webb

I participated the celebration of the release of an anthology of sexy stories by some of my online buddies . . . The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires. We all had a great time and I met some new and fabulous folks…and picked up a few new friends on my Facebook page.

One of the best discussions we had on my side of things was the topic of men with beards in romance, erotica, and erotic romance. We all shared some feelings on the matter, and shared some photos of some great bearded men!
The general consensus was that a lot of women didn’t realize some of the men they were attracted to were beardies! And some of those who were deadset against men with facial hair, quickly changed their minds when we shared some of photos of hunky bearded men.Here’s the link if you want to check out the discussion.
One of the main reasons I posed the question ‘to beard or not to beard’, was because I’m about to release a new volume in the City Nights Series from Tirgearr Publishing — One Night in Dublin (out 27 February 2015).
In my book, the hero has a beard. Not just facial scruff, but a full-on, fist full of whiskers beard. I’ve never written a bearded hero before, nor a bad guy for that matter, so this was a great challenge for me.
Other great challenges were writing in the first person/present tense, and setting a full story within a 24 hour time frame. But those are subjects for another post. Today, I’m sharing some images of some great bearded men who have cropped up on the big screen in the last year or two.
I also want to shore up the prediction I made over the summer while writing One Night in Dublin. That is, we’ll see more bearded heroes in 2015. Not the facial scruff kind, but the full-on, fist full of whiskers kind 😉
Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones
Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels
Aaron Kaufmann from Fast and Loud (Gas Monkeys Garage)
Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok and Clive Standen as Rolo on Vikings
Liam Neeson in Star Wars
Timothy Olyphant from Justified
So, if you’ve gotten this far in the post, I’d love to hear your thoughts on ‘to beard or not to beard’ when it comes to the heroes in the books you read. I bet you have some favorite actors or other performers who have beards and you really never thought if you liked them because of their beard or not . . . George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Chuck Norris, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Russell Brand, Leonardo Di Caprio . . . the list goes on. I’d love to hear some of your favorites. Those above are some of mine.
What about you?
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Note from Liz Everly–Full disclosure: Not only only is Ms. Shortland a fabulous author and fun person, but she is the publisher at Tirgearr Publishing, who publishes one of my books and several of C. Margery Kempe’s.
Also, here’s a deal NEW for you. One of my books, SAFFRON NIGHTS, is free for a short time only. Click here and download.
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  • Post authorbarbaramikula

    Sorry, Lizzy! I just don’t like a big beard. I always wonder what’s living in there. I think a well-trimmed beard is ok, and I love a sexy ‘just got out of bed with my baby’ scruff though! LOL – Skye Michaels

    Reply to barbaramikula
    • Post authorLiz Everly

      Ya know, I felt the same way, until Kemberlee’s post. I mean, looks at these guys. YUM!

      Reply to Liz Everly
    • Post authorKel

      I’m with you on the well-trimmed over the large beard. Puffy beards make me sort of cringe, while a sleek beard might get a second look… but I personally prefer mostly-clean shaven.

      But again, it’s all personal. Some people wear bears well. Other… don’t.

      • Post authorKel


        The people who wear bears well are a whole different blog post, I think.

  • Post authorKemberlee

    Thanks for visiting, ladies.

    I don’t think there’s any one single preference that hits with every lady, be it a beard or a body. But I must admit that I do gravitate toward bearded men. Which is odd since I married a clean shaven banker looking guy 😉

    I think the point I was trying to make at the Dark Desires event was that sometimes, when we find men sexy, we overlook whether it was down to the beard or something else.

    In recent years, I’ve seen a huge trend toward scruffy chins . . . that ‘not quite’ place between the 5 o’clock shadow and beardness. Women often find that quite sexy. Is the beard, or the just crawled out of bed look? Or could it be both?

    Ladies love Gerard Butler, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Levine, Johnny Depp, Russell Brand, Will Smith, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Downey Jr, and others. So, how can we discount a beard so heartily without really considering why we say we don’t like them if we’re still attracted any any of the guys I just listed?

    For the record, my hubs refuses to grow a beard. Not even just once. Not even for me. The closest I can get is the Xmas break when he has about ten days off in a row. He’ll go scruffy, but won’t keep it. Though on the very last day, he did partially shave off most and left the start of a very attractive goatee. He had it just long enough for me to take a picture, then it was gone. I didn’t even get one kiss with him in it. Meanie 😉

    I guess the next question is, what if your man decided to grow a beard, or even a long scruff? Or if he’s already a beardy, how would you react if he suddenly shaved? The latter happened to my late cousin who was a died in the wool beardy. His wife came home one night to find he’d shaved. She didn’t recognize him and ran screaming from the room when he tried to kiss her. I was living with them at the time (he shaved it off for a bet with a buddy). She refused to sleep with him until he grew it back, which he refused. He slept on the couch most of my stay there, and I’m pretty sure it’s part of what lead to their divorce. Some people feel very strongly about beards . . both for and against. 😉

    Reply to Kemberlee
    • Post authorLiz Everly

      My husband won’t grow one either. He has a sandy hair and when he grow a beard, it’s RED. I don’t mind it at all, but he hates it. LOL.

      Reply to Liz Everly
      • Post authorKemberlee

        The two guys I dated before I got married both had beards. Both grew in a shade of red. Both had dark brown hair but their beards were definitely on the reddish side. More like auburn than true red/ginger. One kept it trimmed up, but the other let his grow. Both ended up wearing mustaches after a while.

        I never really missed beards until I decided to put one on my current hero in One Night in Dublin. As I was writing, my heroine looked up at the hero for the first time and BLAM, she asks, “Can I braid that?” I had no idea where that came from but went with it, and it really worked out, IMO. 😉 I don’t know what color the beard was though. Maybe, as I’m still in edits, I should think about that.

        Reply to Kemberlee
    • Post authorKel

      Oh it’s so the just crawled out of bed look.

      Also the feel of it against skin. Or maybe that’s just me.

  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    Where’s a pic of Tom Mison???? ; >

    I have a male friend on fb who’s grown the most gross beard imaginable. Sort of a bad Amish thing. Ugh! I actually thought it was one of those fake beards you see people using as disguises on a cheezy TV show. That’s the thing with beards–the surprise. You never know what the man is going to look like….

    On the other hand, the very first guy I had a severe, lasting crush on had a wonderful red van dyke beard. Without the beard he just looked too earnest, there was too much chin going on, and no wicked confidence in his look. The bubble burst and the crush died a sad, sad death.

    And most guys seem to grow or not grow their beard for their own reasons that have nothing to do with looks. Though I knew ONE guy friend who looks fabulous in a goatee, just fabulous and wore it because it looked good.

    He had to abandon it, alas. He’s Jewish and in the goatee he reads Hispanic, and he doesn’t speak Spanish. So all these people on the streets of NYC are calling out to him in Spanish and he had no idea what they were saying and didn’t want to see rude, etc…also women flocked to him in droves, and then, disappointed when he turned out to NOT be the hot Latin lover they had thought–would instantly about-face and abandon him. Which was the final straw. So the awesome goatee went bye-bye.

    Reply to Madeline Iva
    • Post authorKemberlee

      I didn’t want to inundate the blog with names, but yeah, Tom Mison is a bit . . . {roar!} 🙂

      Beards aren’t for every man. Some men just can’t grow them, or cultivate them. Some can be patchy, or mottled, or a totally different color than what’s on the dome. The guy on the first picture . . . his beard says BEARD . . . actually runs a company that sells beard products from San Francisco. I guess he’s like the Beard King in the city lol But he teaches guys how to cultivate their beard, which I think is pretty neat. If you’re going to do it, do it right, eh? And he has fun with his whiskers. The does something crazy with them every Monday.

      That’s really funny about your friend, the Not So Latin Lover 😉 Maybe he needs to develop an accent.

      Reply to Kemberlee
      • Post authorLiz Everly

        I worry about the cleanliness aspect to beard. You know? Sometimes they look okay–other times, I don’t want to think about what might be on one of those thing. Hahahaha!

        Reply to Liz Everly
  • Post authorKemberlee

    A friend pointed me in this direction. Pretty funny 🙂

    Reply to Kemberlee
  • Post authorMegan Morgan

    I love, love, love men with beards! I love reading about them and I often write my heroes with beards or at LEAST scruff. Viva la beard!

    Reply to Megan Morgan
  • Post authorAlexa Day

    I thought I was firmly anti-beard until one of my exes grew one. His beard was full but not long, and it felt quite soft and luxuriant. He definitely made me a believer!

    I used to bartend at the hotel that hosted the competitors in the regional beard competition. Now that was pretty impressive! Everything from the full Gandalf to various waxed styles — and that doesn’t even count the costume party.

    I saw a lot of crazy things on that job. Lot of crazy things.

    Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authorKemberlee

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. It was fun chatting with you about ‘to beard or not to beard’. Thanks, Liz, for asking me to sub for you today.

    Reply to Kemberlee
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