December 6, 2014

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

LS Fb squareHello Sexy! Hope your Saturday is warm and pleasant. Wink. When you get a chance to catch up on some reading, we’ve got you covered.

From Liz:

From the department of “How did I miss this?” a blog with romance writers giving their favorite recipes. Plus excerpts from their books. Hmmmm.

Lou Graham: Seattle’s most famous Madam.

The life of a condom.

From Elizabeth:

Sexuality podcast host Tina Horn talks about dirty talk and spanking and how she got into this crazy biz in the first place.

Oh, if only I could go to sleep and be guaranteed to have a hot sex dream. But wait! Now you can

Wankers and prankers – people who call suicide hotlines when they want to jerk off. Really? Really??!

For the man who has everything, get him rubber testicles.

From Madeline:

Ask Men sez: Good Dads Are Hot.

Couples Who Sleep Together…Rock It.

…AND the ever addictive “She Woke Up Like This” series:

She woke up like this: Yvonne Force Villareals.

She woke up like this: Designer Cynthia Rowley.

She woke up like this: Tavi Gevinson – this one is particularly vulnerable.

She woke up like this: Stylist Linda Rodin.

She woke up like this: Haley Wollens. 

From CMK:

Amy Adams ‘Red Shoes’ photoshoot

Friendship Breakups & our lack of recognition for their significance

New ‘anti-porn’ laws in Britain outlaw freedom of speech, too (or when they came for the BDSM folk I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t into kink…) not to mention arbitrary and REALLY sexist

Stay hungry,


LizEverly_SaffronNightsP.S. SAFFRON NIGHTS, the first book in my series is now free!

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