December 11, 2014

Santa, I've Been A Very Naughty Girl

Definitely naughty.
Definitely naughty.

by Madeline Iva

Dear Santa,

When it comes to the question of naughty or nice, doesn’t naughty become so much more interesting when you get to be a certain age?

I grew up priding myself on being such a good girl. In high school, all my friend’s parents would chillax if they knew I was going to be at the party, etc. Ain’t nothing sinful was going to happen on my watch and purity just beamed from my entire being.

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Need some Christmas reading? Click to buy.

And then…I don’t know. I hit college, and suddenly being good seemed, well, a lot less interesting. Less artistic. Less original. Less rebellious. Less passionate. There’s a quote about well-behaved women seldom making history, and I began realizing that I was way-way-way too well-behaved.

Which is not to say I wanted to be bad for bad’s sake either. There are some women who own leather pants, who can down a shot of tequila and then drink some more. Women who will go to Las Vegas and do things they seriously regret. I’m not that woman. No, I think I’m more of a good-girl-in-recovery.

But there’s something a bit inherently naughty about being a romance writer, isn’t there? For me it’s been like sliding on a motorcycle jacket that fits just right. I just love the romance writing world. Woman friendly, sex-positive, they bring some naughty fun to facebook and Twitter—and yes, I’m talking about you, #FridayManWars.

Mostly though, I’m getting much more comfortable with the “it feels good to be bad” thing. Honestly, I’ve been holding back. Especially emotionally. Slowly I’ve been learning to start poking naughty fingers into new nooks and crannies.

One woman, two hot elves.  'Nuff said. Click to buy.
One woman–and two hot elves. ‘Nuff said. Click to buy.

I promise next year I’ll dig in deep and delve into being very bad.

Santa, please put these on your list and check them twice:

*pouty hurts,

*forbidden fantasies,

*tormented it’s-so-wrong-but-feels-so-right feelings.

You bring me those, and I’ll ladle them all into a twisty arousal, creating sex scenes so scorchingly hot readers will drop their e-readers to blow on their fingers.

I promise I’ll let go of my old angst-y worries about writing PC sex and is-bdsm-feminist? etc, etc, etc. I’ll embrace this lumpy world we live in, warts and all, and just live in the moment.

I promise too that no matter how much sweeter my romances get, I’ll never, ever forget that being naughty is more fun.

Meanwhile, Santa, if I deliver on all that, could you also bring me more pictures of hot men in Christmas sweaters?

Peace and nutmeg,

Madeline Iva

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Meg Maguire’s story gets two thumb’s up from this blogger. Click to buy.

P.S. Kiss Dasher, Dancer, Prancer – and especially Vixen for me. Xo

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  • Post authorKemberlee

    It’s always the quiet ones who need watching 😉

    Reply to Kemberlee
      • Post authorKemberlee

        It’s true. Braggarts love to talk about exploits, most of which are probably just in their heads. It’s the quiet ones sitting against the wall with all the dirty stuff running through their heads. They’re just waiting for the day when they can put it into practice 😉

        Reply to Kemberlee
  • Post authorKayla Lords

    I was the consummate good girl until the summer before college, then I went a bit wild. Somewhere in the middle of college, I calmed the hell down. Now I channel my bad girl urges in my writing. I think I’ll talk to Santa about what he can bring to me, as well. 😉

    Reply to Kayla Lords
  • Post authorKel

    I was also the parent reassurerer of my friend group, but I don’t think I could have been characterized as a good girl. I’m a bit too impish for that, but I know the rules and when to break them. I was and am just… not drawn to doing things because they’re suposed to be wrong.

    Break the laws of physics, yes… but wrong? Nah.

    And so, I applaud everyone embracing their puckish sides. Mayhem can be fun, as long as no one is hurt and the donkeyheads fade like a dream… and I don’t think that’s what Santa’s naughty list is about anyway.

    Otherwise Santa would leave vibrators, not coal.

  • Post authorElizabeth SaFleur (@ElizaLoveStory)

    Ooo, I’m sticking with you in the new year, sister. I sense a whole lotta fun is about to happen. 😉

    Reply to Elizabeth SaFleur (@ElizaLoveStory)
    • Post authorMadeline Iva

      Maybe it’s having new friends with a wicked sparkle in their eyes that’s inspiring me. ; >

      Reply to Madeline Iva

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