December 13, 2014

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Merry Christmas, sexy readers!

Just a few posts here today before we take our Xmas break.  Sexy Saturday Round Up will be back with the New Year to delight you and provide you with all that’s thought provoking when it comes to sex, gender, and romance in pop culture.

Click to buy at Amazon. :)
Click to buy at Amazon. 🙂

From Madeline:

No joke: it’s a prostitute intervention reality show.

The Islamic Sex Doctor Is In.

The Science Behind Dating

The Halo Effect

Profile Pictures

The Smell of Attraction

The Sound of Attraction

And just to shake things up: Desperate Virgins

From C. Margery Kempe:

Best takedown of a sexist meme ever

Protesters show their scorn for sexist anti-porn laws with a ‘face-sit’ outside Parliament

Beard Ornaments: just say no

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