Guest Blog: Cait Jarrod

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

I met romantic suspense writer Cait Jarrod at this year’s New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book conference. We hit it off (and not just because of tequila) and she may have incriminating footage of me reprising Grease on the dance floor, but that’s not why I invited her to join us today here at Lady Smut. Cait’s newest novel, Mystic Falls, features a woman learning to fight for what she wants. Here’s a blurb.

Nothing is as it seems….

Temptation landed at Special Agent Larry Newman’s feet—literally. Charlene Smith captured his heart after he rescued her from terrorists two months ago. A failed relationship and being an abused child have turned him into a loner and workaholic. The scars weigh heavy on him and keep him from pursuing her. So what’s a guy to do when the woman he pines for passes out in front of him while working a case?

Battling psychological wounds from abduction is easier than coming face to face with the sexy FBI agent she’s fantasized about for months. A single mother, avoiding the drama that dating would bring to her son’s life, she allows Larry close only in her dreams. Now, she’s second-guessing her decision. Should she have a relationship with this man who makes her feel alive just by being close?

Mystic Hearts
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 Cait writes step up heroines who, in the course of the story, learn how to take charge of their lives. Better yet, I’ll let Cait tell you for herself…

Welcome Cait!

Hello, Lady Smut! I’m excited to be on your blog today!

Nothing like a heroine taking charge!

I love Charlene Smith’s journey from submissiveness to taking charge of her life. She figuratively slams her hands on the table and says, “No more.” She’ll no longer allow her ex-husband to control her like he had while they were married. She’ll no longer allow him to use their son as a pawn. Instead of slamming her hand down on a desk or gingerly saying, “No more,” read the excerpt below from Mystic Hearts, Book 2 of The Band of Friends, to find out how Charlene decides she can and will fight.

The venomous tone, at one time, would have had her withering. But not anymore. “Pig!”

Her ex-husband charged toward her, eyes wild, nostrils flaring.

She swung, faking high and going low. The bat connected with his stomach.

“Fuck,” he puffed and clutched his gut. “You’ll pay.” He straightened and snatched the butcher knife from the block on the kitchen counter.


The shiny blade glistened above his head.

It was her or him. She dug deep, seizing strength from all the wrongs Andrew had inflicted on her family, fortifying her with the power for what she needed to do. She raised the bat behind her head and went for the homerun…for her…her mother…and most importantly, her son. She struck his arm. Bones cracked. The knife flew out of his hand. He stumbled backwards, holding his wrist, and fell backwards into the wall. She raised it again, aiming for his head.

The bastard is Henry’s father, her conscience screamed.

At the last second, she pulled back and clobbered him square in the ribs.

Yelping, he collapsed on the floor. “You bitch!”

She lowered her hand, clasping the handle, ready to swing. “Not another word. Get the hell out of my house!”

“I’ll be back!”

She raised the bat. “You asked for it.”

Thanks for joining us today, Cait! You can follow Cait on Twitter at @caitjarrod and on her web site at  Mystic Hearts is available now. Click the cover image to order Mystic Hearts today!

Happy New Year, lovely readers.

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  • Post authorcaitjarrod

    I had a great time at the convention and I only wish I had the footage of you dancing. You’re such a hoot! Thanks for hosting me, Kiersten.

    Reply to caitjarrod
  • Post authorCarlene Love

    Hi Cait! Hi Kiersten! Love it when favorite things come together and that’s exactly what’s happened here. I adore Lady Smut and cyber hugs go out to you, Cait, my Evernight sister. 🙂 My favorite part from your excerpt was when she told him “Not another word.” I’d also like to throw a vote in for that footage. Perhaps a reenactment is in order? Happy Almost New Years ladies! Lady Smut, thanks for being the best, most entertaining blog ever! xoxoxo

    Reply to Carlene Love

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