Sexy Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

DarkDesiresHello, Sexy! It’s Sat-ur-day. Sit back and read some of the most fascinating blog posts we could find this week.

From Liz:

Five unexpected things women find sexy.

Feeling positive about sex is not always easy.

What one jilted bride did.

From Elizabeth:

Need some fast cash? Become a stripper in a subarctic mining town.

The age-old question gets some good answers: how do you get sh*t done?

Intercourse? Who needs it! Here’s how to enjoy great sex without “going all the way.”

Sex on a first date? Should you send her a picture of your wang? Sex bloggers answer your burning questions.

The down-low on pleasure balls.

From Madeline:

A man’s life — when he has two penises. 

Romance Novels for Feminists has a ‘best of’ list–and it’s awesome!

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Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up


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