The Spring of Genius

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

My drive during last year’s snowpocalypse.

I’ve lived in the Northeast most of my life; I can’t imagine living somewhere with no winter. I love winter, but especially when it snows. As a student on the North Shore of Massachusetts, I’d go out during snowstorms and walk the nature trails on the protected land owned by my undergraduate college. I love the quiet of a snowfall, the sense of peace in its purity. How for a short while, everything appears clean and magical. A world without conflict.

I do not, however, like being cold.

Here in New Jersey, it is damn cold right now. Most of the Northeast and Midwest are deep in a freezing spell. It’s been so cold, I even caved and bought a new winter wool coat (red, of course), despite my annoying tendency to overheat in too many layers.

One good thing about the cold is the excuse it gives for burrowing deep under fleece blankets in voluntary hibernation, either with a furry familiar or your own hot honey. It also tends to generate creativity. As though our minds must dream up warm alternatives to the cold bleakness outside. Winter can drive the letter and the spirit of genius.


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Have a fantastic week!

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  • Post authorAlexa Day

    It’s one of those lazy winter days right now, as I’m reading this, dark and rainy and cold and not at all conducive to leaving the house to go to work. The cats are looking at me like, “Wow. Sucks to be you. Better hurry, you’re going to be late for work.” Still, I grew up somewhere without a real winter, and I think I prefer having all four seasons, too. A morning like this begs for a hot beverage (although I will have to settle for having mine at work), and at the same time, it’s making me appreciate summer’s oppressive heat a little more every day.

    Thanks for pimping my story! To my amazement, it is actually available right this very second at All Romance Ebooks. While I scramble to update … well, everything … why not check it out? It’s at

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