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January 13, 2015

Male Characters and What They Want

By Liz Everly

1-800_MSROh, what a joy Alexa Day’s “1-800” is! I read it quickly and found myself giggling and blushing at the same time. In promoting her story this week, we’re considering (very loosely) what men want. I gotta tell you friends I’ve been married for almost 25 years and it seems to me that my husband and I really want the same kinds of things—most of the time. (Not always, of course.)

But I thought it would be fun to look at what my male characters want—and also what Alexa’s male character wants.

He wants to watch football (uninterrupted), to find a Valentine’s Day gift for his sweetie (to please her) and ultimately, he wants what we all want—love. He wants to keep this woman happy.  His “voice” throughout the story was so spot-on. I loved this character.  Truly, dear readers, this is a fun, hot, little story.

I think, for me, it’s kind of a challenge to find an authentic male voice. I really have to work at it. So this made me think about my male characters. They are all unattached at the beginning of  my books. They all want love, ultimately, but some don’t know it, yet.

  • Take Jackson from “Saffron Nights.” He starts out being a complete manwhore. Then falls in lust, then love with his business partner, quite unexpectedly. He wants her—and he wants to survive this global chase they are on. He’s had a violent past and he really just wants peace and love in his life.
  • Sanj from “Cravings” wants to find his best friends, who are missing. He’s recently come off a bad relationship. But he finds Sasha intriguing and irresistible. He is an Indian man and there are cultural complications. He wants to move beyond all of his family’s expectations, yet keep them happy and show them respect. Yet, he still wants Sasha.
  • Gray from “Like Honey” is a career guy in Scotland to find drug smugglers. He finds it difficult to have a relationship and work all over the world for Homeland Security. It’s easier to love them and leave them. He wants to keep Jennifer safe—and protect his own heart. But he knows if he ventures into a relationship with her, his life won’t ever be the same. He wants the best of both worlds: career and love.
  • Will in “Tempting Will McGlashen,” my historical, wants to start fresh in the colonies. It doesn’t help him that his new master’s daughter is so tempting. He wants to keep everybody happy—yet he can’t quite resist Mathilda.

One of things I really like about Alexa’s story is that the two leads are already a couple. The tension is built around something else—not how they meet and work it out. They’ve already worked it out—and are continuing to do so. Wink.

Oh, by the way dear Lady Smut readers — We’re on a blog tour this week! As we roam across the world we’ll be delving into the dark temptations of our anthology. Stop by and visit us in the comments section and say ‘hi’.  🙂

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  • Post authorAlexa Day

    Liz! I’m so glad you enjoyed hanging out with Jason. He’s a good guy trying to do right by his fiancee. I had a great time writing him, too. I love writing dudes anyway, though. I’m not sure if they’re easier or just more fun to mess with. 🙂

    You ladies enjoy your tour!

    Reply to Alexa Day
    • Post authorLiz Everly

      Kudos to you for Jason. A very authentic voice. Any plans to revisit the character? I could imagine my own husband in a similar situation! Cheers!

      Reply to Liz Everly
      • Post authorAlexa Day

        You know, I hadn’t thought about it, but these two have a bachelor/bachelorette party ahead of them. And there’s always the wedding. 😉

        Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authorAdriana Anders

    I am so excited to read Alexa’s book! I do adore a great male voice and cannot wait to get to know some of the intriguing-sounding fellas you mention above!

    Reply to Adriana Anders
    • Post authorLiz Everly

      Thanks for commenting, Adriana. Cheers!

      Reply to Liz Everly
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      Adriana! I hope you have a good time with Jason (and his TV time). I’m looking forward to meeting some of Liz’s dudes, too.

      Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    It is indeed a great little story. And I agree with you, Alexa. The guys are REALLY fun to write!

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      Glad you liked it! Jason made my job easier, poor guy. At least he can laugh at himself. 🙂

      Reply to Alexa Day

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