February 19, 2015

Charlotte Stein’s Criminal Mind

by Madeline Iva

Click to buy that bad boy.

First of all, INTRUSION is on sale for .99.   If I were you, I’d totally hit that while it lasts.

Second — have I told you about my latest obsession with CRIMINAL MINDS? I will perseverate on my Dr. Reid fixation later, but for now, let me just note that it’s so fascinating to see Charlotte Stein branching out and embrace a more serial-killer-y sort of background plot in this novel.

The narrator meets the neighborhood recluse, Noah Gideon Grant.  Gideon–Gideon, people! You think Charlotte likes CRIMINAL MINDS too?

Of course, this novel has the classic inner-achey Stein heroine voice.  The voice that knows only tortured pain, and loneliness until–

We are hung up on that pause while our fairly inexperienced Stein-i-an heroine crawls intimate moment by intimate moment from repressed to erotic as all git.  I have to admit I love all of Stein’s heroines.  They are low maintenance.  They are rounded, usually, and they enjoy sex like nobody’s business.  The guys are never ever slut shaming as the heroine’s desires ramp up to white hot lust.  Yes, they often just like each other right away.  You gotta a problem with that? I didn’t think so.

In fact, there’s often a kind of innocence about the whole relationship–if not the heroine herself.

Buy me 'cause I'm Irrrrrrrrrish!
Buy me ’cause I’m Irrrrrrrrrish!

That is, of course, unless she’s evil.

Stein’s latest, “Forbidden” is about a young woman/girl in need of a little exorcism when she’s rescued by an almost-a-priest.  Who’s hot by the by.  It’s like an alternative version of CARRIE, complete with the bat-sh** crazy mom.

I know the question you’re dying to ask: does that almost-a-priest end up taking his vows?  Vows of pleasure, perhaps? Wink wink, nudge nudge. I won’t tell.

For those who are on top of things, have already read these new releases, enjoyed them, and want to wade a little further into the Stein’s back list–try TELLING TALES.  My friend Adriana Anders assures me it is filthy goodness.

My favorites are still RESTRAINT, SHELTERED, and BEYOND REPAIR.

So much Charlotte Stein–so little time!


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