March 7, 2015

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

DarkDesiresBy Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

Hello, Sexy! Welcome to your Saturday reading list. This week, we’ve got a little of this and a little of THAT. Will redheads eventually take over? Do sex workers enjoy their work? What does an ex-dominatrix really think of FSOG? Read on, my friends.

From Liz: 

The Harris List of Convent Ladies, a Georgian guide to Sex Workers.

Hygiene and hot sex in the historical romance novel.

Study finds that sex workers enjoy their work.

From Elizabeth:

Stressed out? Anxious? Check out these four tips to help cope that actually make sense.

Think only the skinny girls get the glamorous photo shoots? Check out this body-positive photo gallery for bodies not normally celebrated.

Oh dear. For many of us in the U.S., we lose another damn hour of sleep on Saturday night. Here are ways to cope with springing forward.

An ex-dominatrix reviews 50 Shades.

You know you love it when it happens, but what actually occurs biologically during a female orgasm? Here’s what you need to know.

From Madeline:

So you say you’re a crazy cat lady? Hmmm.  Here’s a test just to make sure.

Will you have a place in the new world order when The Redheads Eventually Take Over?

The end of safer prostitution? The End of Redbook.

From C. Margery Kempe:

Dishing the Dirt with Raquel Welch & Mae West on Legendary Bomb Myra Breckinridge

Romance Novel Covers Re-enacted with Real People

Fantastic Redesigns of Female Characters by SF Artists

Musical Genius Joni Mitchell Talks about Dealing with Male Egos 

Stay Hungry,


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