March 10, 2015

My Favorite Guilty Blog Pleasures

By Liz Everly

Photo by Dollen.
Photo by Dollen.

One of my guilty pleasures is surfing the web. I am of an age where I’m still enamored with the fact that I have all of this information at my fingertips. I find it either maddening or inspiring much of the time—so I tend to go back to some favorite blogs, especially on long winter days when my family is home from school and work. I adore them, but I can only take so much family time and must sneak away for mama-time.

And you all know by now that I have a streak of the naughty in me. I thought I’d share some of my favorite grown-up blogs with you. This is not like our weekly “Sexy Saturday Round-Up” feature because our weekly feature is more news-oriented, you know, the latest interesting blog posts we find. This is more like my own personal tried and true list.

Easily Aroused: Erotic Fiction by an oversexed Englishman  I’ve been a big fan of EA’s for a long time. (He goes by EA, very mysterious and intriguing. ) Once you start looking, there’s a lot of blogs that offer free erotic short stores. None of them are as good as this one. And this man is quite up my own personal naughty alley.

Remittance Girl Erotic Fiction  I find this site and this writer intriguing. I enjoy most of her stories. Some of them are a bit too edgy for me. But wow, I keep coming back because the writing is good. It’s also, um, quite educational for me.

On a WAY different and more serious track, yet it’s absolutely on of my favorite blogs is The Honest Courtesan.  This woman writes from experience and gives great information on being a sex worker. Stuff that will shift your paradigm about sex workers and give you much to think about. Take your time and read through the archives. You won’t be sorry.

On yet another track, I love Brain Pickings. Have you read it? No, it’s not necessarily a sexy site, but it does offer some great posts about sex sometimes. Once again, the writing on this site pulls me in and I love how in-depth some of the  posts get. Here’s one of the sexy posts I really liked: http://www.brainpickings.org/2012/06/13/the-origins-of-sex-dabhoiwala/

And right now my favorite romance-writer blog (other than Lady Smut, of course) is Wonk-o-Mance.  I love the voice, the diversity, and the wonkyness. (Is that a word? I don’t care. It’s perfect.) They seem to have a different take on a lot of all-things-romance. I find the blog thought-provoking and enjoyable.

So those are my favorite blogs that you probably don’t want your kids to see you reading. If you can find some time and hide away from them, (or whoever else is lurking in your house), I promise my go-to escape blogs will do a better job of taking you away than you might imagine. (Lady Smut can do that for you, too. Don’t forget to subscribe.)

Do you have any favorite blogs that you visit? Please share!

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    Several of these I don’t know about. Thanks for the suggestions, Liz!

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