Friday Roulette

thepinkbow_msrby Madeline Iva

Hello readers! In search of your Friday romance fix?

Here’s a new feature at Lady Smut:┬áit’s called FRIDAY ROULETTE.

Each Friday we try to bring to you a new author–someone who can rock the Lady Smut vibe and tell you all about her latest smexy obsession.

In case you missed our last several Fridays — here’s a recap of who’s been by on the blog recently:

Jackie Horne: No More Slutty-Slut Shaming pt. 1

Jackie Horne: No More Slutty-Slut Shaming pt. 2

Wendy LaCapra: Lady Vice: The Historical Scandal Behind LaCapra’s Debut Novel

Isabelle Drake: Tie Me Up, I’ve Been Bad

Kel: Fan Fiction 101

And here are some of our other recent distinguished LadySmut visitors — just ’cause they’re cool.

Madeira Darling: Dominatrix Princess Turned Writing Bitch

Shari Slade/Robin Covington: It’s All Part Of My Rock N Roll Fantasy

Geneva Decroix: The Open Door

dealershipElizabeth SaFluer & Adriana Anders: Tormented & Tortured–Books You Can’t Forget

A “Reader”: Hungry Like the Wolf, Sexy Paranormal Recs

Geneva Decroix: Erotica, Invention, and Living the Dream

Kemberly Shortland: Beardy Goodness

Adriana Anders: XXXMas Wishes

Megan Morgan: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Fall in Love with Love

Isabella Drake: The Nicer Side of Naughty

Enjoy! Don’t forget to follow us at — where we satisfy your sexy romance cravings 24/7.

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