March 23, 2015

A Season for Throwback

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

It’s finally Spring! Unless you’re on the east coast, that is, where we had yet another snowstorm, ironically on the official first day of Spring. Since Mother Nature (the bitch) is determined to give us throwback weather, here are a few of my favorite throwback posts. Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Let’s Go Be Bad Guys

Banshee just finished its game-changing third season while Strike Back, after a looooong hiatus thanks to the fact that one of the stars had a long convalescence after being injured on set, returns in a few months for its fourth and final season. In this post, I look at good guys being bad and vice versa and how both have oodles of appeal. Boy. Howdy.


Love and Bromance in the Air

We all love a good bromance. This post names five of my favorites, which we all know is barely scratching the surface. Feel free to name a few of yours!

bromantic love

Outlander Fever and Outlander: A Spanking! A Spanking!

It’s no secret I’m a huge Outlander fan, both of the books and of the outstanding TV series. Droughtlander, the seemingly unending hiatus between the two parts of the series’ first season, is almost over–only two weeks to go! These posts talk about the series and, specifically, about that controversial spanking scene, which makes its debut in the very next episode…

jamie and claire on horse

Sexy is as Sexy Does

Some thoughts on writing emotional sex scenes

Shoe Porn, Kissing, Heroes for Hire, and The Privilege of a Woman’s Pleasure

Think of it as a theme…

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    Droughtlander — yup. Man, we may have to have an official celebration of some kind at Lady Smut when it starts up. Hmmmm.

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