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April 3, 2015

Droughtlander is Over!

Those cheeky brits.
Those cheeky brits.

Hello lovely Lady Smut readers!

This week we’ve been talking (mostly) about sexy historical books.  Here’s an interview with Lavinia Kent

The Thwarted Desires of Lavinia Kent

who is writing the sexiest erotic historicals out there.  Hope you all are reveling tonight at the end of Droughtlander and tomorrow enjoy the first episode of OUTLANDER Season One, Part Two. Whoever thought of separating one season by a long gap is evil!

Look for Isabelle Drake’s post here next Friday –it’s the start of a regular gig for Isabelle at Lady Smut. On other Fridays we’ll have Rachel Kramer Bussel and starting in May, Elizabeth SaFleur.

It’s gonna be delicious!

And follow us at Lady Smut for all kinds of Outlander-ish fun. 😉



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