Sexy Saturday Round-Up

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Click to buy at Amazon. 🙂


By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers.

Hello, Sexy!  Looking for fascinating, fun, and intriguing reading this weekend? Look no further. We’ve got you covered on Lady smut.

From Liz:

Great Bette Davis quotes.

Pat Roberston is afraid gays all make us all want anal sex.

Drawing the line between nasty and kinky.

From Madeline:

France just banned ultra thin models. When will the U.S. follow suit?

From Two Nerdy History girls — A Short History of Undergarments

A make-under for Bratz dolls: the woman who removes make-up from dolls.

The Feds impersonated a woman on fb–endangering her life, and paying her in court, but not saying they won’t do it again.

They say ‘healthy’, I say ‘lesbian derby porn’. Snort! You decide.


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Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up


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