I Heart iZombie Hotties!

by Madeline Iva

The new zombie look is goth--Brilliant!
The new zombie look is goth–Brilliant!

When I saw the ad for izombie, I was curious, because it looked playful and comedic-grotesque. Then I found out it was by Rob Thomas –who created Veronica Mars, so how can you go wrong there? So I started watching it on hulu and I have to say, I didn’t take a shine to the leading actress at first. She plays Liv, an uptight perfectionist goodie goodie. Blerg! But then, you see, she becomes a zombie half way through the first episode and suddenly I was liking her a lot more.

Liv experiences major fiance angst post-zombie.

Of course, even though her hair bleaches white on its own and her skin turned pale and she started wearing heavy eye liner, no one guesses anything is wrong. Why did you quit medical school Liv? Why are you eating brains? And she’s like all apathetic, “I dunno.” See, being a zombie made her terribly depressed—she had to break up with her fiancé and everything. Good riddance, I say. Didn’t like him at all. Okay, he’s very goodlooking in a towel. Other than that, he’s just another Ken doll if you ask me.

However, Liv ends up working at the morgue and suddenly – ba-bam! In walks hotness on a sensitivity stick in the form of Mr. Rahul Kohli. He plays Ravi, her fellow medical examiner.  He’s also smart–he figures out her dirty little secret. But then—it just gets better and better. Only in a sly way. First the guy who zombied her turns up – he’s David Anders, aka Sark from Alias and he is having fun, people. Therefore, he is tres fun to watch—and he’s got layers just like a magnificent onion.

What finally got me on board with the show is that a side effect of eating the brains is that Liv becomes like the people she ate. When this happens, I like watching Liv 100% more. The first time caught my by surprise—it sort of creeped in. That Rob Thomas is sly, as I said. Now I can’t wait for her to eat brains—the results are always a little random and fun.

Okay, but what really keeps me watching is the casting of hot hot HOT men. And what’s even better—it’s a multi-cultural smorgasborg of man-flesh. Let me break it down for you:

The good: Former fiancé Major (blah), Clive a detective who Liv helps to solve crimes (double blah), and Ravi (Yay!)

Why isn't Liv hopping on your bones Ravi? Is she BLIND?
Why isn’t Liv hopping on your bones Ravi? Is she BLIND?

The Bad: AJ (hot!), Ryan Hansen (ditto!)

Tim Chiou was a bad guy on an episode -- a hot, mouth-watering bad guy.
Tim Chiou was a bad guy on an episode — a hot, mouth-watering bad guy.

And my fav—

The Undead:

Blain–the zombie who seems to understand how it all works (fun, so much fun),

Blaine, you’re a bad, bad boy.


Lowell Tracey (don’t let the die job and spray tan below fool ya, he’s a zombie too!),

His name is Bradley James.  And he is...awesome!
His name is Bradley James. And he is…awesome!

and….wait for it…Hiro Kanagawa. I noticed the police chief on the show was unusually hot – and then with just one little quick detail—we suddenly know Something Is Up with Mr. Kanagawa.

Suspiciously hot for a police chief.
Suspiciously hot for a police chief.

Nothing to take my interest factor higher than discovering underneath the spray tan anyone could be zomb-i-licious. Talk about keeping us guessing!

Alexa Day’s head is probably spinning –she wrote something here deciding—okay, zombie-sex is not 100% totally gross.  So I wonder what she’ll think about this show. M’self, I’d do Lowell and not think twice about it.

He's got angsty broody sad down, mixed with a little of the wry self-deprecating good stuff.
He’s got angsty broody sad down, mixed with a little of the wry self-deprecating good stuff.

Me? I like the albino zombie-goth look, I’m a big fan. But when they hide in plain sight that’s fun too. Also in izombie they experience a tragic fate that if they go for too long without brains—they become zombie nasty. Like WALKING DEAD zombie-nasty. This gives them a ticking clock—I’m surprised they haven’t used it so far. And it gives the bad guys something to hold over them.

I also like the way they used hot pepper juice. Just flashing a bottle of super spicy stuff hiding in a drawer reveals to us that someone’s got a big secret.

Whomever cast this show deserves major props for the multicultural aspect— Elizabeth Shore asked some time ago: Where Are All The Asians? Here they are, Elizabeth!

But one woman surrounded by tons of hot men does bring up this curious rock and a hard place. I mean, is this wrong? I like a female lead. I like hot men. Put them together and I’m happy—but what about reports that Hollywood is so skewed when it comes to percentages of men and women on TV and in movies?

Take THE MINDY PROJECT. That show lost the wonderful Betsy—I mean, no explanation, she was just gone. Mindy lost her female best friend—again, no explanation, and now it’s all men men men who are her peers, with one token Lesbian woman admin over at the Hospital. I noticed it because their sub-plots tend to be male story lines involving fraternities, etc. It’s almost as if they’re scared that not appealing to men enough would doom the show OR they’re mostly male writers on the show—so this is what they know.

Hope izombie does not make the same mistake.  However whatever they do is fine by me if they just keep deepening the characters, keep layering on the complexity, and keep the surprises coming.  Just like us at Lady Smut–(please follow us to get more of the goodness 24/7.) Meanwhile, if Liv needs a zombie female bestie, then I vote for Jenny/Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl. Can you spot the izombie in this photo?

Taylor Momsen aka Jenny on Gossip Girl -- a proto-Liv.
Taylor Momsen aka Jenny on Gossip Girl — a proto-Liv.

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  • Post authorLiz Everly

    I LOVE this show. What I like about it is the mystery element is NOT stupid, you know? You have all this fun, sexy, zombie stuff, and the mystery element could be just fluff. But it’s not.So far, the show has potential. Great post, Madeline!

    Reply to Liz Everly
  • Post authorKel

    Okay… I now have a new show I *must* watch. Also… Hiro Kanagawa? I’ll… be in my bunk. (I love “suspiciously hot for a police chief” that’s just perfect.)

  • Post authormadeline iva

    A zombie who solves mysteries…what a pitch!

    Reply to madeline iva
  • Post authorAlexa Day

    I want to ask at the outset where television has been hiding Tim Chiou. That’s a good looking dude.

    I did see the trailer for this, and I was definitely intrigued! Now you’ve got me convinced. My TV schedule is certainly in need of new blood, so to speak. 🙂

    Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    Where *have* they been hiding Tim? I agree!

    Reply to Madeline Iva
  • Post authorKiersten Hallie Krum

    FYI: Bradley James is the former King Arthur from the TV show Merlin, so…

    Reply to Kiersten Hallie Krum

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