A Penis on TV

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

I’m calling an audible this week from the midst of dealing with family crisis of the human and feline varieties. In the meantime, read this fantastic piece by Sonia Saraiy for Slate on that special snowflake unicorn, male nudity, and rape in Outlander, or as the author puts it “A penis on TV and a surprisingly revolutionary treatment of sexual violence and male entitlement.”

“Whether or not the episode or show is perfect, what makes “Outlander” so compelling is that it makes a space for moments like this—stories of sexual assault that give agency to the victims, even when something terrible is about to happen to them.”

While in this case, the male nudity was part and parcel of the attempted rape, that same episode also gave us this.

naked Sam in river


And this:

Courtesy of @UnpaidPrivKilt

Courtesy of @UnpaidPrivKilt

You’re welcome.

See you next week when I’ll hopefully be less feeding tubes and timed medications and absentee medical aides and more Hallooooooo Smexy!

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