Sexy Armchair Travels with Liz

By Liz Everly

I’ve just come back from a conference and am off for a research trip. I’ve been thinking about travel and thought I’d leave you with some of my blog posts about travel or sexy, faraway places. Plus, don’t forget, all three of my books offer exotic locales (Saffron Nights, Cravings, and Like Honey.) And my serial, “Eight Lays Around the world” is also about a traveler/writer who gets to writes about ALL of her experiences. (Yes, I went there.) Are we sensing a theme here? The next installment of Eight Lays will be set in italy. Stay tuned for that.


In the mean time, check out some of my “travel” blog posts. See you next time.

A Little Spanking with my Room Service, Please

 St. Lucia—Beaches, Mountains, and Chocolate

 The Sex and Romance of Place

 Exotic, Erotic Ecuador

Sexy Scotland—Honey, Skeps, and Digging in to Research

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