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May 27, 2015

Read A Book, Have An Orgasm

KissBy Elizabeth Shore

For those familiar with the vibrator industry – and if not, have I got a homework assignment for you! – the dominant player among high-end devices is Lelo. Praised for it innovative, sleek designs, Lelo also manufacturers one of the priciest vibrators in the world – a $15,000, 24-karat gold-plated number that allegedly counts Jay Z and Beyoncé among its (very) satisfied customers.

But a new player in town may just make Lelo buzz in alarm. With its titilating tagline commanding us to Read! Vibrate!, B. Sensory brings us Little Bird, the world’s first sex toy synchronized via Bluetooth to literally make literature erotic. Read a book, have an orgasm? We’re all a-quiver here at Lady Smut.

The concept works by installing an app on your smartphone or tablet to make it function as a remote device for Little Bird. Start reading a hot story and as you breathe hard or shake the tablet, it will trigger vibrations in Little Bird that the author has chosen for you. Even more fun is that this pleasure needn’t be yours alone. You can start off (or get off, as the case may be) by going solo, but the option exists to hand the device over to a partner who can command the vibrations when and where he or she sees fit. The promo video, seen here, shows a naughty couple in a restaurant using the app in “duo” mode.


Clearly the woman in the video is wearing her Little Bird and, according to B. Sensory’s website, it’s easy to do. The “loveLittle Bird egg,” as the designers call it, is sleek (although does look curiously like a Sherlock Holmes’ pipe), waterproof, made of medical-grade silicon, and – perhaps most important – quiet, thus providing the ability to give yourself a little thrill from your Little Bird whenever you like, without anyone being the wiser.

B. Sensory has attracted several authors eager to sign on to the concept, including erotic writer Françoise Rey, the “grande dame of erotic literature” in France. The crowdfunding campaign is apparently working and B. Sensory claims on its website that Little Bird and the app will be available in November.

If all this sounds like something you’d like in on, there’s a solicitation for authors to submit their manuscripts in either French or English. Ooh là là! What a nice way to get a whole new group of readers discovering your erotic stories. For you editors out there, by the way, B. Sensory is looking for you, too. Scroll toward the bottom of this link and you’ll find the information. It’s in French, but essentially all you need to know is that they’re looking for editorial partners. If you’re interested, you’re invited to contact them.

Leave it to the French to combine vibrators and books, but leave it to Lady Smut to make sure you all know about it. Hit us up with the comments about Little Bird, but don’t rely on a little bird to keep you up on all the latest fun. For that you’ll need to follow us at Lady Smut.

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