Austinland: Best Summer Movie Evah!

J.J.Field as Mr. Nobley: a disapproving, cold gentleman--or is he?
J.J.Field as Mr. Nobley, a disapproving, cold gentleman–or is he?

by Madeline Iva

Heigh-ho! Filling in for Kiersten Hallie Krum today while she’s off on va-ca (sorta).

It’s officially summer! — And with summer comes great summer reads and summer movies.

I’ll be giving you the fa-shizzle on Mad Max this Thursday here at Lady Smut, and we’re having a LadySmut summer reads give away at the beginning of July.  Meanwhile, I wanted to talk to you about a great summer movie to load up into the old DVD player.

We’re talking AUSTINLAND! I’ve mentioned it once before, in a post on my love for all things historical HERE — but the movie didn’t really get it’s full due.

The premise is that a Jane Austen obsessed super-fan goes off on a pricey vaca to England where she will be immersed in Austenland.  The guests dress in period costume, conform to period manners, and be subjected to all kinds of cheesy/tacky over-the-top a-historic touristy behavior from the other daffy ‘guests’ and even daffier staff.  Here’s a preview:

Bret McKenzie always delivers the comedy.
Bret McKenzie always delivers the comedy.

Several things to note:

1) It didn’t get good reviews.  Why? People are crazy, is all I can say.  This is one of the best rom-coms EVAHHHHHHHH!

2) J.J. Field is a find — where’s he been all my life?

3) The real reason I wanted to see this movie is Bret MacKenzie from FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS–and he’s hilarious in this film.

4) You’d think they’re mocking us folk who are regency obsessed.  Oh, they are.  But if you delve deeper, you’ll see that at its heart this movie is about *true* romantic regency values.  TALLYHO!

5) The soundtrack is fabulous–the credits are a riot.  The costumes are glorious.  The acting is great.  The sets is full of campy stuffed lambs, pheasants, and deer–but also provide the English glorious that we crave.

Really–it’s a film in which you get to have your cake and eat it too.  Originally it was a book.  Go watch it/buy it or READ IT right now!

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