Sexy Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

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Click to buy at Amazon. 🙂

Hello, Sexy! Welcome to your Saturday! As usual the Lady Smut Bloggers have been scouring the Internets to bring you fascinating blog posts.


From Liz:

Retire the hand job?

Using body language in your writing.

Skinny jeans land a woman in the hospital.

From CMK:
The Dirty Secret of a Legendary Rare Book

Air Sex Championships: Men & Women Simulate Their Favorite Positions

Parents Lose Custody Just for Being Kinky

From Elizabeth Shore

Couples everywhere rejoice! U.S. Supreme Court says same-sex marriage is legal nationwide.

Women reveal their very favorite sex toys – and how to use them.

Get your butt on that treadmill! The couch potato lifestyle is killing us.

From Madeline:

10 Selfies We’re No Longer Allowed to Take

Women in science respond to Nobel prize winning asshat.

Taboo topics women don’t talk about.

That’s Mr. Saldana to you — Zoe Saldana’s husband takes her last name–and he’s just fine with that.

New York Times discusses The Joy of Just the Right Amount of Sex

From Cosmo: What it’s like to free bleed during your period.

Stay Hungry,


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