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July 16, 2015

Next Week: Checking out Cara Vance

imgres-1by Madeline Iva

Hello readers! Finishing up a deadline this week, so I’m off —

Before I go though, I’ve been feeling a yen for some paranormal, so I’m going to check out two stories out by Cara Vance.  The enticing blurbs are below.  I quite liked these descriptions– what do you think?

Master of the Dungeon: A Heroes & Harpies Series

All that college student Trinity Sanders wanted was to stay at home – watching TV, eating ice cream, and bemoaning her cheating louse of a boyfriend. Instead, she let her roommate talk her into an evening of throwing dice with her gaming group.

Annoyed at the prospect of wasting a Friday night with a bunch of social rejects, Trinity decides to take out her frustrations on their game master Seth. He might be cuter than expected, but as far as she’s concerned he’s still a dork. Sadly for her, she’s picked the wrong person to mess with. Seth is in control of a very special book, one that lets him bring his world to life – a world that he rules over as a god.

Now, Trinity finds herself trapped in the body of a scantily clad barbarian as Seth tests her with terrifying ordeals – ordeals that the warrior inside her finds oddly titillating as well. She must battle monsters, complete her quest, and satisfy all of her desires – because the mythical creatures hunting her are not only real; they’re interested in a lot more than just her blood. (77 pages)

25396841The Necromancer’s Wife:

Can the peace of the afterlife compare to the pleasures of the flesh?
Lydia Strom has an incredible love life. There are no pleasures too intense, desires left unexplored, or boundaries that can’t be crossed. There’s just one small problem: she died three years ago.

Somehow her husband has found a way to transcend the barrier between life and death so as to bring her soul back for short periods. Each time Lydia awakens, she’s in control of a different body. She gets to experience her husband’s touch through the senses of other women, allowing her to enjoy him in ways she’d never thought possible.

But not everything is as it seems. As Lydia explores her new existence, she begins to suspect that her husband has been keeping secrets about his past, their marriage, and her death. Now she must confront these mysteries head-on and decide which means more to her: the Earthly pleasure he offers or the comeuppance he might deserve. (130 pages)

If you check out these books — tell us next week what you think.

Meanwhile, follow us at Lady Smut for your paranormal pleasures! (And thanks to everyone who entered our Goodreads give away.  We’ll be holding a Summer Reads Give Away here on the blog – check back for details.)

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