Summer Reads Give Away is HERE!!!!

17 Jul
Grigoris wants you to subscribe.  Then go lay down with him on this nice sandy beach.  Then have his babies.

Grigoris says subscribe. Grigoris says relax with him on this nice sandy beach. Then have his babies.

by Madeline Iva

Hello beautiful! We have a pretty new pink button we’d like to show you.  (I know what you’re thinking–get your mind out of the gutter.) Over to the right you’ll see a ‘Subscribe’ button for our new Lady Smut newsletter.

  • if you like to hear from saucy women about the latest in smexy
  • if you want great recommendations for erotic romance
  • if you like free reads and give aways
  • if you hate it when people share/sell your email to others (Hey–we do too!)

then you’ll want to subscribe.

Adding to the whacky joy of getting our newsletter every other month, you’ll also be automatically entered in our SUMMER READS give away.  Just subscribe and you could win.  (Muppet arms flail.)

But how does it work, you ask? Well, Dave, it’s easy. We have a big long list of print and ebooks we’re giving away.  If your name is selected, we’ll send you the list and you get to pick one item from the prizes.  First come, first choose–so subscribe now.

I know what you’re thinking: OMG OMG OMG! What can I win??????

You could win this collection of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s anthologies3cc40accfcd6f81409ef96b70869abe1

You could win a copy of our anthologyDarkDesires

You could win (if you’re into it) a passel of bodice ripper historicals from the early 90’s…db0b651b6dc6077a25b5522285dd6d27

…or a cool hardback copy of two Barbara Cartland historicals.

Classic hardback Barbara Cartland -- two novellas in one book.  Back cover is the other novella cover.

The kitch value of this book is undeniable.

You could win a $25 dollar gift card from Barnes & Noble.

Whups--*that's* not a gift card!

Whups–*that’s* not a gift card!


Or one of our books.  Or a book by one of our favorite erotic romance authors.  Or I’ll make you cupcakes–who knows? You’ll just have to subscribe and see what you get.  Push that button now.

And–if you haven’t already–follow us at Lady for fun, smexy, fun 24/7. 🙂


One Response to “Summer Reads Give Away is HERE!!!!”

  1. Elizabeth Shore July 17, 2015 at 11:35 am #

    What a bounty! Whoo-hoo!!


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